“Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Horrible Situation!

“Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Horrible Situation!


 This “Life’s Daily Inspiration” is about a young man. And yes, unfortunately, Hospice get young people and children. Which is also the hardest for me as a caregiver. And for most Hospice caregivers. 

   Oh, they are just like everybody else in having the same problems and obstacles in needing care. But, these dear 

“ Life’s Daily Inspiration” pull all your heartstrings. They have not had the privilege of living life to an old age.

   Their young lives are ending prematurely, it’s called life and it stinks to see a young person go through it. 

   It doesn’t hurt any more than watching that sweet little elderly person life come to an end. 

 It just hurts differently. The sweet little old person has lived life, probably married, had a home of there own, a car of there choosing and maybe even grown children. And a business of there own in short a life lived!

   But this young man was 16 years old. And because of one mistake, one freak accident is now on a ventilator and paralyzed from the neck down.

His only way of communicating is to bat his eye. Once for yes, and twice for no. You say that’s awful and it is. But, it gets worse. He is here in the USA with his father and brother. And his mother was in Mexico. Everyone was trying to get the Mexican government to grant a special Visa. To allow Mrs. Hernandez to come to see her son one last time.

   Even the Governor appealed to the Mexican government. But, the wheels of the Mexican government move very slowly.

   Edwardo, which is our young man’s name had to be shaved, bathed cleaned. And fed through a feeding tube. And remember this was not temporary. It wasn’t going to get better. And he’s 16 and embarrassed beyond words to have these things done. For him, teens are very private a rule.

   One minute he was working on a blacktopping job. With his Uncle’s company. And his dad and brother.

And the next he had fallen backward off the dump truck in a freak accident and broken his neck.

   He awoke in the hospital 12 days later to the beginning of the end of his life. You see the father and son had no insurance.

And the Uncles business Insurance was quickly being eaten up by a huge amount of care for Edwardo.

   The hospital was willing to foot the bill to send him home to Mexico. But, Mexico declined to receive him back on the ventilator. Because of the large expense involved in keeping him. So the hospital offered to purchase a ventilator for his home in Mexico.

It was not an option after all. There home in Mexico would not support the ventilators electrical needs.

  So then the hospital went to the fathers home and found conditions were similar. The homes electrical system would not support the ventilator. And then they tried the Uncles home. And found that his home would not be suitable as he had a family of eight. And while he was willing to keep his nephew. It wasn’t really an option.

   So the hospital kept Edwardo there on a ventilator 3 1/2 months. With no change in sight. Without the ventilator. He would die. 

   And with the ventilator, he had no quality of life. He was just laying. Only communicating. Through bating his eyes.

  He would break down and cry. And remember he’s paralyzed so he couldn’t even wipe the tears away. Someone had to do it for him. What an inspiration he was. And he could n’t say even stay and talk to me. They came up with a dry erase board to

Communicate to Edwardo. It was like playing charades you would write a question and he would bat his eyes. For yes or no. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard this was for anyone let alone a 16-year-old. 

   Just imagine how we would feel, you or I. Trapped for the rest of your life on a ventilator you can’t say I love you. Out load anymore. Or sit and just chat with your friends. Huge Bummer! And I’m not making a joke here.  And his dad finally figured out Edwardo wanted to see his mom one more time and to just die. He figured this out trial and error. Asking multiple yes, and no questions. In many different ways.

   1. He wanted to see his mom again.

   2. He wanted to go home to Mexico.

  I know your thinking that’s not unreasonable. And No, it was not unreasonable.

Except the Mexican Government refused to allow them to bring him into the country and accept financial responsibility for this young man.

    They were told it was far too costly that he would never go home. And therefore be the Mexican Government’s problem and responsibility.

Everything boiled down to money. (funny isn’t how the Bible says. (For the love of money is the root of all evil:) 1 Timothy 6:10 

  Our story advances another month or so “Edwardo is despondent and depressed. He’s given up on wanting to live and on life as he knows it.”

  Not all Hospice stories are funny. And not everyone has an encouraging purposeful moment to make us all feel good when it’s shared.

   This is not a feel-good story at all it’s heartbreaking this young man wants to go to see his mother one last time.

   It’s finally arranged one morning the hospital where he was staying. Has agreed to fly him home to Mexico. Where his mother will greet him for the first time in two years. 

   The Mexican Government has agreed to let them land

And to let his mother “say both hello and goodbye” all in the space of a short time period.

   And then the ventilator keeping Edwardo alive will be disconnected. Ending Edwardo brief 16 years here.

   I cannot imagine both the ”Joy” short-lived as she realizes this isn’t permanent and then the “sorrow” that Dear

Mother went through. Without the comfort of her husband our her other son. As they were not permitted by there Government to return with Edwardo. I just can’t imagine all that she felt that day.

  I hope this story has made you think of all the Blessings you have in your life. It certainly has reminded me. There’s always someone worse off.

  So take time today to count your blessings name one by one. As the song says. 

If you enjoyed our article today please leave us a comment and let us know. And if you have a story of your own of the hardships of life please let us know.

  Elaine and I being in Hospice for over 70 years combined. 

We’ve seen first-hand patients be helped by different medicines. Some conventional some not. We are advocates of 

Medical Marijuana because it does work. And for CBD oil which is readily available and legal for everyone. If you are interested in checking it out.

  Elaine and I being in Hospice for over 70 years combined.

We’ve seen first-hand patients who have been helped by different medicines. Some conventional some not. We are advocates of






3 thoughts on ““Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Horrible Situation!”

    1. Thank you Courtney, and yes It was heartbreaking and gut wrenching. I remember a lot of my Patients as does Elaine. But, this one I wish I could forget. That child hadn’t lived nearly enough of life. In my book any way.

  1. yikes! not ur typical feel good story. i was expecting a different ending!

    bless your souls for taking care of these unfortunate people!

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