“Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Banged Up Fender.


“Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Banged Up Fender

Today when I woke up I was encouraged to make my morning different somehow. So I had a “life’s daily inspiration” to go an outing.

Morning coffee time found me at Waffle House. You know it’s sad when said, outing is coffee at Waffle House. Lol

After being home for days on end with my mom who has Alzheimer’s I needed a break.

Not from Mom , whom I count it a privilege to be able to care for her in my home and to still have her here at 93 in any condition. No it’s from the “sameness” of my days. Those kind of days are not generally a “life’s daily inspiration.”

So on my morning journey to the awful Waffle House

as it’s affectionately known. I encountered a little elderly lady trying to park her car in a handicap space and to back it in to boot.

Not such a big deal you say, normally it wouldn’t be. I sat in the car waiting patiently for her to try to maneuver that big boat of a car in the space. On one of her attempts she hit the newspaper box with her fender.

She got out to check the damage. I took the opportunity to zip in a vacant space with  cars on each side of me thankfully.

For some reason I felt motivated to help this lady.

I went over to the lady just conversationally speaking to inquire after she and her car.

She asked me to do her a favor and back her car in for her .

She couldn’t seem to get in that “little bitty space.”And for heaven sakes why didn’t they make them bigger? She  was handicapped you know.

I very politely said, “yes ma’am I’ll be glad to park it for you.”

Now I just love elderly  people, they are us in a few years so always be helpful and respectful to them. They will encourage and inspire us if we let them.

It cost nothing but time to be nice.

We went inside together after  our introduction and decided to sit together.

Mrs. Whitley and I got along famously we enjoyed our chat  were I learned that she was caring for her husband. 

She herself  was 90 yrs young and  she hadn’t driven in over 10 years before today. Now that was a little scary.

Her husband Herbert, usually drove, due to not liking the way she drove. He was scared of her driving. Lol

She told me her husband had heart trouble and was now  in hospice. What a  small world.

Sometimes I’m amazed at how the Lord orchestrates our lives according to his.What were the odds we would both decide we needed a break from the routines we were in? For both of us to decide on the same restaurant at the same time.

I pray daily Lord, please make me a blessing to someone today and encourage the discouraged as well as  let me inspire someone else along life’s journey.

Walking  the walk,  not just talking the talk. Please put feet on my prayers to be an example.

Back to my story, Mrs. Whitley’s son normally took her wherever she needed and wanted to go. Unfortunately he was on vacation .

So she decided when the sitter could come this morning she was going out to treat herself for a change.

I was so inspired by Mrs .Whitley’s spunk

While  she hadn’t driven in years she was determined to do it.

Truthfully,  I would have second the vote from her husband, she was a terrible driver. And that big boat of a car, the old Caddy needed to be traded in for a smaller compact car.

Although it might be another 10 years before she drives again. We should all pray Lord, please make it so for everyone’s safety including the cars. Lol

I left there feeling as if my batteries were fully charged.

The two of us sat there over an hour exchanging stories from our care giving of our loved ones .

Life’s Daily Inspiration-
Morning Coffee

I left there feeling as if my batteries were fully charged .

Ready to meet today’s challenges,whether it was imaginary kitty cats in the house according to Mom , or kids running around the house like Indians on the loose.

A regular occurrence in Mom’s  mind. Just  as real to her, as Mrs.Whitley’s was this morning to me.

I enjoyed Mrs.Whitley’s company and applaud her efforts. Thanks for the memories Mrs.Whitley , every  time I see a big old Cadillac I’m gonna think of you and look for the dent in the fender to see if it’s you and  move out of range I hope. Lol.

The Lord uses, the foolish things to confound the wise.

The Lord made no mistake that morning .We both were there at the same time, virtually for the same reason. A respite from care giving.

“He maketh no mistake”

by A. M. Overton

My Father’s way may twist and turn,

My heart may throb and ache,

But in my soul I’m glad I know,

He maketh no mistake.

My cherished plans may go astray,

My hopes may fade away,

But still I’ll trust my Lord to lead

For He doth know the way.

Though night be dark and it may seem

That day will never break;

I’ll pin my faith, my all in Him,

He maketh no mistake.

There’s so much now I cannot see,

My eyesight’s far too dim;

But come what may, I’ll simply trust

And leave it all to Him.

For by and by the mist will lift

And plain it all He’ll make,

Through all the way, though dark to me,

He made not one mistake.

Elaine and I being in Hospice for over 70 years combined.

We’ve seen first-hand patients who have been helped by different medicines. Some conventional some not. We are advocates of

Medical Marijuana because it does work. And for CBD oil which is readily available and legal for everyone. If you are interested in checking it out.


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Elaine and Scarlett


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2 thoughts on ““Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Banged Up Fender.”

  1. Beautiful! I’m not religious but I underpin the same intentions. The biblical words are spiritually very true for me, thank you! Thy will is my will. When I perform Child Pose (a pose of surrender) in my yoga practice this sentence comes to mind over and over again. I don’t know who is Thy, but I know ‘it’ is larger than me and it is at work and play all the time. I call it Universal Mind or Scource. Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. Hi Elaine and Scarlett,
    Loved reading about your chance encounter. Fortunately, you were able to help her back her car into the parking space. We all need a little break no and then.
    Thinking of you.

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