“ Life’s Daily Inspiration” A Women Named Ethel

“ Life’s Daily Inspiration” A Women Named Ethel


“ Life’s Daily Inspiration” A Women Named Ethel
“ Life’s Daily Inspiration” A Women Named Ethel

Ethel was a woman who loved life. But tried to make her family and friends think she was a real tough woman. Not even remotely was she a tough lady. But a big old softie. She was a lady with a bucket load of medical problems,  had a bad heart, she had lung problems, she had Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Yep, it’s a mouthful all right. She had osteoarthritis. And hypertension.

 And this ”life’s daily inspiration” was unfortunately a Hospice patient which is how I met this dear lady.

The first time I met Ms. Ethel her son was there. Bryan was a businessman about 6foot 3 inches, he took after his mother who was just under 6 ft tall.While Ms. Ethel’s husband probably was no more than  5 1/2 feet tall.

Bryan told me while he was growing up he was never allowed a pet. And that he was sent off to boarding school at 9 years old and only allowed home at holidays.

  And then on to military school, from there to college.

That being said, Bryan would tell you she loved him but had never been able to show him. Her health had always been an issue. She worked but, from home as a proofreader for a local publishing company.

His dad was a very different sort , both showing and demonstrating love to all who knew him. He never said no to Ms. Ethel. Even his son had said, the same.

   Ms. Ethel had been bed-bound for 10 or 12 years. Then one afternoon

Bryan’s dad had a stroke and passed away unfortunately 5 days later.

So suddenly, Ms. Ethel needs help because she is bed-bound and cannot care for herself.

 So her son Bryan hires a service to care for his mom. In addition to us (Hospice) being in there already.

“ Life’s Daily Inspiration” A Women Named Ethel
“ Life’s Daily Inspiration” A Women Named Ethel

One of the funniest things about Ms. Ethel ,she liked to be read to and I mean read anything and everything. She liked, everything from romance  to biographies, she reminded me of being in school.

  We would all discuss what was read and you just had to give an opinion. She had a way about her. Even her son said the same thing.

She confided to me one day that she loved animals but had never owned one. Since she had been little. Being the outspoken person I was I asked Why?

She replied – too much trouble, not enough time and since I was bedfast I thought it wasn’t right because  I couldn’t help out.

  Those are all just excuses, I said. What’s the real reason? She looked at me with those big green eyes, eyes that were brimming with tears. And said, I’m afraid it might die.

Something just told me this was the root of all the “we’ve never had an animal” I’m smart that way just hit me with a brick and I get it Lol.

So I answered Ms. Ethel and did you have an animal die? Well, that done it the dam broke and out came crocodile tears. Buckets of them.

  She told me when she was little she found a kitten and carried it home. Her parents said she could keep it if no one claimed it.

It went everywhere she went. When she was home. Then one day on summer vacation it followed her to the store. It was hot and her kitty wanted down. As she came out of the store people were all standing beside this car in the road. So she went to see what was going on.

And her kitty was laying there. It had been hit by a car. She said, she cried all the way home.

Her mom and dad were sorry but said it was best just not to get attached. That way you never got hurt.

Now here was a grown woman who had always loved animals deep down. But remembered her mother and fathers words. All those years ago.

  I called and asked her son if he would mind me taking my cat Beanie by to see Ms. Ethel. And explained why.

He never knew that story and agreed. I put Beanie in his carrier and out the door we went. We were on a mission to heal a broken heart of a little girl now grown. In body if not in spirit.

 When I got there I knocked and proceeded to go in and Beanie let out a meow! I think he was saying of all the nerve. You feed a guy and then before he can say meow shove him in this thing. Lol he hates carriers guess he thought he was off to the vet.

But, then Ms. Ethel sees Beanie who was no small kitty he was a whopping 24 lbs part domestic and part Bengal. Bengals are known for their size.

I carried him over to Ms. Ethel and it was love at first site. She made over that cat like he was a baby. Beanie the big ham that he was loved it all.

  The proof came when I took him out back where the 8 foot fenced in yard was. You would have thought he was a dog.

He did his business and went back to the door and meowed and looked right at me, then the door.

Beanie was regular after that went every day that I went and spent the day lazing around in bed with Ms. Ethel, she played cat videos for him and fed him cooked chicken. I think I was jealous I wanted to be him the big ham. One afternoon Ms. Ethel took a bad turn with Beanie right there beside her she slipped away with her hand on his head.

  It wasn’t but a minute till Beanie jumped down. He jumped straight up in my arms and started purring loudly. His job was done.

We hope you you will leave us a comment tell us if you enjoyed this memory from it past experiences. Or maybe share something your animal has done. We would love to hear it.


Scarlett  and Elaine






6 thoughts on ““ Life’s Daily Inspiration” A Women Named Ethel”

  1. That truly was a bittersweet story. There’s no way to sugar coat death and no way to ignore it, it is inevitable for us all. To get to spend the last moments of someone’s life with them must be a heavy load but I imagine you hear great and amazing life stories for them all. How perfect that you were able to bring joy and comfort to Ms Ethel before she passed.

    1. Yes, Amber even those of us working Hospice are not immune but to be there while they share and enjoy life in what ever capacity they can. Such as with Beanie my Cat is priceless and bitter at the same time. Thanks for you comments.
      Scarlett and Elaine

    1. We appreciate your kind words and glad you liked our true story. And hope you will visit us again. Thank you for comment and your time.
      Scarlett and Elaine

  2. I love animals. It is so touching to read this story of how Beanie brought joy to Ms Ethel. Gosh, I am tearing. Sorry.

    I just want to say that this is truly a beautiful story. Cats and Dogs bring so much joy to our lives. I used to have a fur friend, a mini schnauzer. She was wonderful. The kindest, sweetest, gentlest, most generous, loving soul there was on this world. I was very lucky to have her in my life.

    And I am sure Ms Ethel felt the same about Beanie. Thank you so much. I am going to bookmark this website, and will drop by again, and often.

    1. Thank you so much for you kind words, and yes Beanie I think had met his Calling in life.
      He was there when Ms Ethel needed him. And we hope you come back again.

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