Early mornings are a Huge part of my life’s daily

Early mornings are a Huge part of my life’s daily inspirations

I touched a little on this in a past blog on how my mornings are so much a part of my Life’sdailyinspiration, why you say? Because in the still morning air listening to to birds, squirrels and frogs croaking their happiness at another day to enjoy. Live, love, and for all we know laugh, kinda corny to some but, to me it’s all true.

If you haven’t tried it what a beautiful experience to see the sunrise  while watching a group of robins run through my yard and surrounding areas looking for their breakfast. While I enjoy my coffee and usually a bagel and ponder on the days coming activities. Or as is this days case most mornings nothing in particular except nature around me.

Take  time to smell the roses


Taking time to smell the roses literally as well as figuratively, I have some beautiful roses both red and pink knockout roses. The aroma surrounds my deck in the cool morning air. Combines with the gardenias at the lower end of my deck and makes you think your in an awesome garden setting.  Well in my mind I am!

Be like a hummingbird

Be like a hummingbird an let your mind fly around drawing on life’s daily inspiration to inspire you for another days work. Your body an soul needs the recharging of its batteries just like the little hummingbird needs the flowers nectar to make it another day.

                 Gardenias                            Mockingbird

Things I observed while pondering

Sitting there drinking my coffee just watching, I observed a wasp stuck inside the screen trying to get back outside to freedom. It got me to thinking what do wasp eat? Obviously it never crossed my mind before.  And yes, useless information but of course I looked it up.

 My Questions Answered

They eat nectar like bees and butterflies, and also ants and bugs. What’s my point? There is always something to learn if you are willing to take the time to learn. Sitting there quietly my mind comes up with questions and I look up the answers on the internet. Your never to old to learn.

A visitor to my morning coffee

Continuing to drink my coffee I heard a tree frog he/she was croaking so load I got tickled an decided to find his hiding place.

He kept singing or croaking depending on how you perceive it in your mind.  On my deck post at the back wall the post are approximately 6 ft. Long so I could put decorative bird houses on those post. Inside one was that little green tree frog. So I let him/her continue their song of contentment.

My last little visitor  that morning

The last visitor of the morning was a regular visitor at my morning coffee. I have a squirrel that comes up on the porch for peanuts. So I have aptly named him “Peanut” very original on my part don’t you think? Well the name fits.

Laughter in the little things


This little squirrel makes me laugh almost daily, this morning he was aggravating a mocking bird. He would let the bird get close to getting a peanut then grab the nut and run up the tree. To what he thought was safety. I think that squirrel will now be forever inspired to leave a mocking bird alone. Having learned the hard way that birds can fly as well as that squirrel can climb. That bird flogged him numerous times for his crimes in teasing.

  What does this all have to do with be my life’s inspiration you say?

My quiet time is restful, and at the same time exciting, informative and a time of learning new things and laughter it is like taking a dose of medicine in being good for you. Let me encourage you to find the little things that inspire you daily. You won’t have to look far to see all of the  Lifesdailyinspiration” around you just open your eyes. Elaine and I would love to hear what inspires you please feel free to contact us on websites below.




Thank you, Elaine and Scarlett



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  1. There is something with the morning hours before people get to move about and all that morning traffic. Just to be there in the stillness and to enjoy nature with all that nature has to offer and you are right with what you say we should count and enjoy our roses along lives journey. I am sure that many of your readers will also be inspired to stop and be thankful for the little things in life as the birds singing, the rising of the sun, and all that good stuff that doesn’t cause us a dollar.

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