Does medical marijuana help Endometriosis?

Does medical marijuana help Endometriosis?

What the heck is Endometriosis? How do you get it? Is it contagious? How do you treat it? Great questions.

So before we answer this popular question ” does medical marijuana help Endometriosis” Let’s delve into these questions.

The medical definition of Endometriosis according to Mayo Clinic is described as follows –

” Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus-the endometrium -grows outside your uterus. Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, Fallopian tubes and the tissue lining your pelvis. Rarely endometrial tissue may spread beyond pelvic organs ”

Endometriosis presents some very ugly symptoms.

Endometriosis aka PAINFUL. Over 175 million women worldwide suffer from this ailment.

Let’s talk about them symptoms Yikes

Naturally if your in pain it can cause problems with sleep, which makes one fatigued and can cause depression.

And who can eat if pain is not controlled, never mind feeling like going to work, socializing or feeling romantic huh?

Back to the symptoms –

Painful sex – during or after the event

Painful urination or bowel movements, usually worse during your period

Painful periods and may extend for several days, pain to abdomen and lower back

Excessive bleeding

Infertility – often diagnosed in women who are seeking treatment for infertility

Who is at risk you wonder?

Here we go with risk factors –

Uterine abnormalities

One or more relatives with endometriosis

Alcohol consumption

Abnormal levels of estrogen

Low body mass index

Menstrual cycles lasting less than 27 days

Hitting menopause at an older age

Never giving birth

Starting your period at an early age

Now that we know risk factors lets look at potential complications shall we?

Ovarian Cancer and Infertility

So how is the painful disorder diagnosed?

Your Doctor will want to know the location of pain, AND type of pain such as, is it sharp, dull, burn, knife-like sensation, frequency, duration, and pattern.

We encourage you to journal all of your symptoms.

The better the historian you are the better your Doctor will be able to provide better treatment.

Tools to diagnose –

Pelvic exam





Conventional treatment

Hormone therapy


Aromatase inhibitors

Pain medications

Fertility treatment

Home remedies

Regular exercise

Hot bath and heating pad can assist in relaxing pelvic muscles, hence reducing cramping and pain.

So drum roll please! Does medical marijuana help Endometriosis? Yes a resounding Yes. Thank goodness.

We have had many patients report they were able to stop narcotics for their pain because the CBD oil controlled their pain and they were able to ” get their life back .”

CBD is a well established option for controlling pain. Many of our patients prefer CBD over narcotics, stating they prefer natural and non-addictive way to control their pain.

We encourage you to discuss at length with your MD re options. Many physicians have learned a lot from the patients and they too are taking advantage of the benefits for CBD for themselves or their loved one.

Be informed, what you don’t know may hurt you.

We encourage you to check out our website!

We are looking forward to hearing about your success,


Elaine and Scarlett

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