Life’s Daily Inspiration “To Inspire”


Life’s Daily Inspiration “ To Inspire”

First  , what does this word mean ” Inspire ” per Merriam – Webster ” something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create , a force or influence that inspires someone ”

I believe this is very personal , what inspires you or encourages you may mean something completely different to another person .

We know what the word inspire means but the question is what inspires you? 

Do you have a lifesdailyinspirational moment?

Would you share your lifesdailyinspirational moment ?

We have cared for many ,many ,hospice patients , and in their every day life with us , they have either verbalized or demonstrated what inspires them .

Annie was one of our hospice patients . She was  37 years old and a single parent. When we first met her she was very quite , appeared timid and withdrawn.

She had walls up ,  and  appeared very guarded , it was obvious to us she was hurting .

Physical pain vs Soul pain 

Little by little Annie began letting her walls down .She shared with us that she and her 30 year old husband Al  planned a vacation to Denver Colorado. Annie said that she was  raised  there and was an avid  skier and she couldn’t wait to share this beauty with Al. He had never ever seen snow . Don’t you think that was an inspirational moment for Al ?

Annie went into detail of the beauty and seeing his excitement thru his eyes when they arrived in Denver .Annie described it like a child on Christmas Day . She laughed when telling how many times he fell but he would always bounce back up .

She encouraged him , and he inspired her with his determination to learn how to well not fall . Ha ha

She was well experienced with her skiing skills but loved being  with Al at  the beginners slope.

On the day that Annie and Al were to return home

Al told Annie ” I won’t to go back to the slopes one more time and I want you to tape me skiing , not falling , if I fall we can edit that , but I want to show everyone that I learned to ski” Annie said he was so proud , so they adjusted their plans and off they went , so happy and taking everything in .

Annie had the camera ready for this all inspiring event and to show the family ,that the man that had never seen snow can SKI. She describes every detail of his excitement, and how she would edit if/ when he fell.

Annie said ” he was so happy , so very happy, and then he got a little too confident and maybe cocky , and he lost control .All of this on video …

What  was suppose to be an exciting vacation in Denver Colorado, turned out to be a family tragedy, and one that lasted for years. Annie’s life was forever changed .

Al lost control and lost his life 

She described how she felt she was in a really bad dream and walking like a zombie .She had vague memories of how she flew back home .She then practiced how she was going to share the horrible news to their 4 year old daughter Chelsey and his parents.

Annie’s parents had died in a car wreck together years ago and she was an only child .She had a ” wonderful relationship with Al’s parents , they had always been good to Annie and  Chelsey .

Al and Annie wanted to have more children as they both were only children and they wanted Chelsey to have siblings to lean on when ” life got hard ”


She couldn’t wait to be with his parents and Chelsey

Annie described their relationship and their home as a safe place , she wanted , needed to collapse in their arms and in their love in hopes to be able to breathe . As Annie broke the news, you can only imagine their devastation .Annie said his parents took care of she , Chelsey, and everything including getting his body back and making funeral arrangements.

The funeral

Annie describes how Al’s best friend Tom gave the eulogy. It was beautiful, sad , respectful , funny and truthful . Al had actually sent Tom video while they were in Denver of him falling down  on the slopes ,laughing, getting  back up back , falling down , laughing and getting back up .Tom said this went on and on but he was determined to stand up on those slopes before he left .

Al’s Mission , legacy and inspiration- Annie  spoke at the funeral her message was short and sweet ” My Al left Chelsey and all of us the most inspiring message to live by  – When you fall down get back up !

Thanks to Al’s message , Annie was able to raise their daughter Chelsey to live by her Dad’s legacy , when you fall down get back up !  Annie knew she didn’t have long to live .

She  reminded Chelsey how strong she was , yes life can be hard ,and Chelsey would miss her but she would be ok ,

In conclusion, when we do fall down , which we will , we hope we can be an encourager , and inspire others “ when you fall down get back up “

Thank you for reading with us today and  please let us know what inspiring lessons you have learned or would like to pass to others !

Let’s inspire !

Blessings on you and yours,

Elaine and Scarlett

Lifesdailyinspiration ask “ Jesus loves who?”

     Life’s Daily Inspiration “Jesus loves who?”

So I take my 5 year old little toe head Taylor  to his cousins vacation bible school ( VBS ) .This wasn’t my church and they didn’t know us so I really appreciated the time and effort  that the VBS put in place re filing out appropriate papers for his safety of course .

I had never done this before

Leaving my baby at church without me . My sister assured me he would be fine . So I put on my big girl panties and HE did not mind a bit that I had left him . I must admit on the inside , I was taken back that he was that ok with me leaving , really ? Sniffle sniffle .  He was having a ball !  Running , jumping and chasing his cousin Sarah.

Finally I get to get my little boy

There he was smiling . I noticed he was wearing a badge with his face on it dressed in an astronaut uniform and it said in bold letters “Jesus loves Robert “ Robert ? Yes Robert , his name is Taylor ! I said Taylor did you tell them you are Robert he smiled and said yes !  I thought we would further discuss this in the car, so I picked him up and kissed him like it had been weeks since I had seen him . So I gathered his things and walk toward the door to sign him out , so I thought !


All of a sudden I was surrounded by security ,this was not an inspirational moment , just the opposite of an inspirational moment they didn’t know me or Taylor , they knew Robert .

So I smiled at my sweet adorable angel , looking directly into his  big blue eyes and said , TELL them your name please .

Without missing a beat he smiled and said “Robert”

It’s funny now but not at the time !

Finally my sister was able to convince them that I was not trying to abduct  ANYONE!

Taylor really ?

When we got in the car I asked Taylor why did you change your name ?
His answer was so simple and pure “ I was playing Mommy “

My heart smiled 

He was simply playing . that was inspiring, No harm no foul . When was the last time you played ?

Did something that you wanted to do , not had  to do , be told to do , but find that inner kid ?

Moral of the story 

So me thinks Jesus loves everyone  including Robert . Lol

When was the last time you just let loose ? When was your last belly laugh ? Laughter can be so contagious. It’s not a cootie bug .lol

Are we not  suppose to have fun , laugh , find that kid way deep down ?

Will you share some of your favorite memories AS well as what is your  FUN now  ?

Will you take it a step further and encourage others to have fun ?

Let’s inspire !

Blessings on you and yours,

Elaine and Scarlett





Life’s Daily Inspiration “Lighthouses Don’t Fire Cannons”


“Lighthouses Don’t Fire Cannons”

Imagine your  out at sea in one of the old ship’s. Big mast and rigging the wind is raging the rain  and is coming down sideways in sheets. Lightning is flashing the ship’s mast are all lowered. The rocks of the coast are encroaching upon you. Oh, you know there is a lighthouse out there, but  where is that light, you can’t see it?

I don’t think you would want the lighthouse to fire it’s cannon at you. But rather to shine the Lighthouse light to guide you home

Safely into the harbor.

Inspirational quote in history.

“We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining- they just shine.”

D. L. Moody


There are many ways to let your lighthouse of life shine and inspire others.

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Roosevelt let his lighthouse of life shine out in his daily life by trying to give to those who had less than he did. “ it is more blessed to give than receive KJV Acts 20:35

I think he grasped the meaning of Life’s Daily Inspiration. A man who by and through his life inspired others to live life to the fullest.

Not Just Money

Giving means much more than just money. There  are many ways to give whether it’s of you time, or of you talents as the case maybe. For instance, maybe you have a beautiful voice and can sing. Or maybe you can spare time to sit and read to the elderly. Or go shopping for a neighbor, because that has become a challenge for them. Or  just to inspire others by your every day life.

I once read, character is what you are in the dark.

Being a lighthouse of life is seen by all, every day of you life in all kinds of circumstances, good times, sad times, stressful times, or gloriously happy times you light is out there either being a life’s daily inspiration to others or not.

Even here at Wealthy Affiliate in our community of bloggers we all band together to help answer the question of those who need it in our efforts to build websites.

Just take a moment to look inside yourself and ask what can I do to help someone else today?

I have many sayings I’ve adopted through the years , as stated below .

Faith first.

Others second.

Me last.

How will you stand in the dark ?

Many Blessings,

Scarlett and Elaine


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