Life’sdailyinspiration in words that Inspire the soul

Different words that Inspire the soul

Different words mean different things to different people in their daily walk through life . Like for instance the word car to some might mean a beautiful red BMW. And to some one else that same word conjures up a mental visual of a 57 Chevrolet.

Sharing my words that inspire

I would like to share with you a couple of the words that inspire the soul for me.

The word “cooking”, some of my earliest memories are of my dad teaching me to cook.

He would stand me up in a chair and then let me add the ingredients as a young child.

My dad was a cook in the Navy in his late teens and early twenty’s. He was a good teacher because he was passionate about cooking. He was taught by his mother, who with 10 children had to have help from the older by the time he went to the Navy he had a good grasp on the “how to” in cooking. But, that’s another story for another day.

My father showed me how to use a cookbook as a tool and that just because it said, to use 1 cup of sugar didn’t mean you couldn’t change the amount. And that changing those ingredients to suit your taste was what made a good cook. That being able to think outside the box was a good thing for a cook to learn.

Putting what I learned from dad to use

For instance I have never liked or enjoyed overly sweet desserts so when I make cookies or pies I will adjust the sweetness according to my tastebuds. If the cookie recipe calls for 11/2 cups of sugar I will try 1 cup. You get the idea I’m sure. He taught me a deep satisfaction in a job well done that you could see as well as taste and enjoy.

At around age 35 I started doing catering for other people’s special occasions. On weekends and off days. To me something I love so much could never be considered work. It’s like going to the ocean for weekend for me it’s so relaxes me and fills me full of special fond memories of my dad and home in our kitchen which inspires me to cook more.

Art is an awesome inspiration

Another word that inspires my soul is “Art”wethers is sketching, water colors, painting, or crafts that show art. Even woodworking to me is a form of art. But for the purpose of this article we will try to limit it to the art of food carvings. Nearly everyone is familiar with the carved flowers at Chinese restaurants and carved cantaloupes seen in some fancy restaurants. Just to give you a visual those are good examples.

While I am self taught primarily through books and internet as I’ve said before I believe you can learn to do anything their are no limits except the ones we create for ourselves And my Hobbies are all great sources of stress release and relaxing to me in through and while doing many years of hospice.

Music feeds the soul and inspires me

My next word that inspires my soul would be “Music” this is one of mt favorite things when I’m tired from a long emotional packed day working. Or maybe just sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee as the Sun comes up. Before the day even starts. Listening to the music, letting seep into my soul and give me peace all the way to my toes.

Well some I’m sure are asking what I like to listen to for me it’s instrumental gospel songs. And I just let the Angels sing the words straight to my soul to bring peace, healing, comfort and joy.

And most of the time wether I am cooking, carving, woodworking, or sitting in my easy chair I will put my head phones in for my music fix. And almost always in the car going from place to place.

While I could think of a few other things that inspire me these are the most important ones.

Let Me ask you what words inspire you to the soul and define who you have become?

Elaine and I would love to hear your answer and thank you for reading with us today.


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“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Going Home

Life’s Daily Inspiration-Going home

“Life’s Daily Inspiration”Going Home

Those of you who have read our profile, know Elaine and I have done Hospice for around 40 yrs singularly not combined.

Needless to say we are old. Age is a state of mind and I do-not mind so it doesn’t bother me.I tell people after a certain age your just like fine wine, you just get better and better! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. When it’s your turn you can say whatever applies to you. Lol.

“Life’s Daily Inspiration” can be found in past and present life situations as we go through our daily lives.

The Good the Bad and the Sad

People often ask me how do you deal with all those people dying, being sick, and some in pain, some just here..

I cannot tell you how many times throughout this life’s journey those same dear people have been inspiration for me. The blessings far out weigh the negatives.

Some of these people have loving, caring family to lavish love on them at this difficult time in their  life. Talk about inspiring and encouraging,Whew!

And sadly, some have no one except thier hospice caregivers, from the aides, the chaplains, the nurses, the doctors, and from social workers, and last but, not leas the hospice volunteers.

Some grab your heart in such a special way they will be a part of you forever. One such little lady lived in a government subsidized housing project.

This dear little Lady had a personal relationship the with Lord, And her love for her Savior was first in her life. She asked me to call her Gram, and Gram she was to me from the first day. She told me that first day “she wasn’t gonna be here much longer.”

Packed and Waiting

She told me that day that she was on her way home, And that God was building her home in heaven and she knew he was nearly finished. It was one of those moments. When you feel like your on holy ground her face shone with the truth of what she believed.     Her  eyes were sparkling like diamonds with unshed tears, while talking to me.

My Next Visit

I took Gram Krystal hamburgers and a coke. Which she loved and hadn’t had in a long time. Sometimes it not the big things that mean the most to someone it’s the little things like Krystal hamburgers and a coke, or maybe reading a chapter of a book. Gram told me, what a blessing that the Lord had used me to bring her what she had asked, for when praying that morning. It hit me, here she is encouraging me. What a special lady. And what a privilege to know her.

Broken Glasses, Or bad vision?         Inspiring Angel

A couple of weeks later, not sure of time frame exactly, again I was back to see Gram, who lived alone and was again in  bed. Her daughter had come that morning to stay for awhile . After introductions were over Gram tells her she wants to ask  me a question, what she wanted to know was, how  come when she looked at the wall clock why was it she could see an Angel instead of just the clock like her daughter did. And why can’t Sissy (her daughter) see the Angel?

Answer wasn’t profound

Well my answer wasn’t profound and certainly wasn’t rocket science. It was simply that maybe we were not meant to see it. That maybe that was just for to see.  Gram said, but, you do believe me? I said, yes ma’am I do. A short time later I left and went to next visit. Sometime later I got a call asking could I please go to Ms Grams her daughter had called and she was really bad and asking for me.

I went as quickly as I could Gram was asleep and after talking with her daughter. Just talking about favorite hymns. We sang a few for Gram as she slept. At some point she opened her eyes and spoke very clearly although softly.

Headed home at last

She said, “my journeys finished here. And Jesus is calling me home!”Gram never spoke again and in just a few minutes she was gone to her heavenly home  as described in her words earlier.

All those many years ago nearly 35 to be exact. And today its as plain as if it were yesterday what she said, at that moment what a privilege to be a witness to such a home going. Oh, it was a sad time for me ,and for  and certainly for her daughter because she was gone. From our daily lives.  But she will never be forgotten. She became one of my Life’s Daily Inspirations.

Looking back, I now realize this is one the inspirations that made me who I am today. Today’s life becomes tomorrow’s inspiration in our daily life. It’s as much a part of me as the air I breathe.