Lifesdailyinspiration “Women Can Inspire Men“

Life’s Daily Inspiration  “Women can Inspire Men”

When I was eighteen I bought a fifty-four passenger school bus, not so unusual you think. Maybe not for a man but, for a woman holy cow, people thought I’d lost my mind. I bought this bus for song from a local church that no longer needed. After the purchased a new model.

They were“ NOT”very inspiring by an large, except for my dad who as you’ve read before in past articles. Was always my biggest cheerleader. He told me you can do anything, what you don’t know you can always learn.

Dad Inspired my life

He was always lifes daily inspiration to me, so moving along on my story. Once I had the bus I moved it to the back of my dads property and started removing all the seats. After work and weekends were no longer free for me.


Once all the seats were out I needed to find a cheap form of lite weight insulation to put over head. And ended up using carpet padding gluing it up all over inside of roof and walls to stop some heat. And preventing cooking alive whoever was inside at the time. Mainly that being me, Lol.

Choices had to be made

After a couple of weeks I was ready for a few decisions on other things to be done.

Next I framed the walls from windows down with 2x4s tying them into the frame with a drill and screws and yes, it was very tiring and very time-consuming and yet very rewarding.

A couple weeks hater I put quarter inch plywood over the frame work and trimmed around the top and bottom like a giant picture frame with rough lumber that had in places some bark still showing.

Next the really fun part began (NOT) I needed to stain the plywood which I did by hand with a rag ‘to’get the exact shade and color I was looking for. Then 2 coats of polyurethane on top of that.

All by myself, my dad coming out back on Saturday Mornings to see what I had done since the last time. He never once said why don’t you do it like this? Or why did you do that? He truly was my life’s dailyinspiration,sometimes he would ask how can I best help out? My answer, just be there in case I need to ask you a question.

If you can dream it you can do it


His response was you don’t need me, but if you do I will be here for you.

There were times I would ask the best way to do something and we would discuss it without him every saying do it this or that way. He would give me ideas the path I chose was My own.

Now I was ready to fix the ceiling and cover the insulation .

(padding) I had glued up. Years ago we had an outlet store called Borg fabric it was very lite weight and came up sixty inches wide and whatever yardage you needed. I decided that would work so bought a baby blue color with a short pile (so it looked like carpet and not material.) and you guessed it went through the gluing process a second time. (Lord, deliver me from that project ever again) then I took 1×2 and lightly stained them and them covered with a polyurethane. And, screwed them in running the length of my bus making 2 runs front to back.

Ceiling was done and looking good. My dad was so proud. Next I carpeted the floor with dark navy blue carpet.

 working with my hands

And then came one of my favorite pastimes building cabinets as I love wood working. Of course, Another odd hobbie for a woman. I learned as I went making doors and cabinet fronts. And they were not to bad.

Next I Went to have a talk with my dad about what kind of cooking stove I would need. And he gave several ideas to think about. So off to Ships RV I went. To purchase a propane cook top with four burners. Unfortunately the directions didn’t say it came with the gas valves fully opened and I like to have burnt my eyebrows off when I lit it for a trial run. Go ahead laugh my dad did, he slapped his leg and hooted like an owl. It was funny.

Now the walls are done, the ceiling is done, the cabinets installed in lite green 8 ft counter top. I then took and cut the hole for my sink and plumed it to a holding tank I had mounted to underneath the bus. That could hold 30 gallons of grey water.

One of the last projects on this build was my dinning table and benches which had backs to lean on and the seats I placed hinges on and made them closed in, for storage for pantry items in addition to under cabinets under cabinets on counter sides.

Furniture and lighting

All that was left was to put furniture and lighting and Air conditioning. Which, I accomplished by putting a comfy blue suede chair in right rear corner and made a day bed 8 ft long on either side, one at the end of kitchen counter and the other beside the dining eat in area, and the rear window on right side I removed a window by the hardest, and put in a small room air conditioning. Now I was ready to go camping in style.

And my proudest moment was when my Dad said, when are we going and where. We both loved to fish so more memories to be shared later.

You can learn to do anything

I never once doubted I could do all those things because my dad my hero, had raised us all through our childhood saying, you can learn to do anything. Can’t never could do nothing. And there is no dumb question. Except for the one you never ask.

The moral I guess is have faith like the grain of a mustard seed so we can accomplish whatever we set out to do in life.

And along the way inspire others as my dad inspired me, to do or be whatever they can dream up. I always strive to be an encouragement to my family members nieces and nephews and great nieces and so on. I to this day still believe if you work hard and study what you do not know you can learn to do anything. There may be a few screw ups along the way but, you can achieve your hearts desire.

Thanks for reading with us today, please leave us your comments we love hearing from you.

Many Blessings, Scarlett and Elaine

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Refrigerator left side, and in front of it benches and table.

Overhead Borg carpet back door with screen. Sorry they are dark but are over 30 yrs old.

Kitchen area.

One of the daybeds. Both were of course identical

Easy chair.

Life’s daily inspiration “For Everything There is A Season”


Life’s daily inspiration “For Everything There is A Season”

I was sitting home having a quiet day just thinking about my life.

Out of the blue a memory just popped in my brain probably because I was looking at pictures from days long gone by. Those photo’s are today’s lifesdailyinspiration.

I haven’t done that in years, it’s always fun but I hate pulling out the photo boxes like everyone else.

Inside those boxes are reminders of fun times, sad times, vacations, different time capsules in time represented in photo form. They inspire me to take more photos but, as we get older we seem to get lax in that area or at least I do.

Even the way we took pictures has evolved from Polaroid instant photo’s to what Now is the old style camera’s with interchangeable lens and different speeds of film to Now is the awesome photo’s made on cell phone and iPads, and other devices.

Chasing Rabbits

Now that I’ve fully chased that rabbit down the hole, we move on to today’s inspiration.

One of the first pictures I came across was of my youngest niece

Kelly she was 1 week old in those photo’s. And holding up a ragged eared stuffed rabbit while wearing adorable little pint sized overalls. She wasn’t much bigger than than the rabbit l gave her those many years ago. I actually laughed out load from that fond memory. Kelly is Now is 28 years old. Thanks to that photo I will forever have that memory.

And then I came across several photo’s of my dad. At seventeen in is Navy uniform. And one of him at a cookout with all the family around him. These were fond memories as well as sad memories.

Dad my hero, is no longer here to physically encourage and inspire me. But, his memory will stay with me forever. And will be whispering you got this, you can do anything you set your mind to. Learn how to do what you don’t know how to do.

Next I came across my older brother Carl and I, sitting together outside at my Aunts house playing with our cousins in the dirt with multiple matchbox cars (can anyone else relate) Carl and I and cousin Sherrie, Dannie, Bobby,and Harold, we had made roads in the dirt made cardboard boxes into houses and businesses. Even made stop signs out of sticks and paper! As kids back then there were no video games and you didn’t sit in front of television all day.

You went out played with whatever was at hand. Another memory thought of because of my photo box. Along with realization that Bobby and Harold are no longer here so those pictures and memories are priceless Now is.

I came across pictures were my nieces and nephew went to grade school, high school graduation photo’s. College graduation as Valedictorian and full ride scholarships. Where,they married in beautiful gowns. Pictures of them and their family’s grown up Now is. It was so much fun seeing all those pictures and memories captured, like time capsules of life’s daily inspiration in photo’s.

My trip down memory lane brought out photo’s of wood planters made like swans, flamingo’s ducks cutouts to hang on front gates at the house. Some I had actually forgotten Father Time has a way of doing that to us all sooner or later.

I had photo’s of vacations to Mexico, Jamaica, Canada, to name just a few.

And last but, not least I found countless photo’s of patients dear sweet saints gone onto glory Now is. There Hugh smile glowing back at inspiring me. To keep on keeping on. To encourage and be here for others through the pages of my life. Making the most of every day. While stopping to smell the roses of life, remembering that the roses of life have thorns.

Thank you for reading with Elaine and I to today. We would love to hear your comments.

Look through the photo’s of your life, do they inspire you?

“Onward Til’ Upward”

Scarlett and Elaine

Life’sdailyinspiration “My thoughts are they worth two cents?”

Life’sdailyinspiration “My thoughts are they worth two cents?”

I think we all know that “ words can be inspiring”, isn’t that why we love certain sayings? We take them into our minds and hold them dear to our heart. Maybe because it’s a religious quote or maybe just something you read in a past article you like for instance the following quote.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”.

I love written words there are 26 letters in the Alphabet that make up a multitude of words

There are no boundaries to “word inspiring” articles, and quotes, Even articles of life’s inspiration or short story if you prefer the term. Are full of inspiration. And I dare say everyone that reads a particular story will be inspired differently. That’s what makes being you, uniquely you.

A quote from King James Bible says ”we are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

That is hard to fathom but, I believe every word inspiring part of that verse, My last post was about a day in the life of an Alzheimer’s patient where a dear elderly lady life’s story unfolded before me and was inspiring to me. Not in physical words but in the story her living life told me through months of working with her.

Your life and mine are inspiring vessels

Yep every life lived is an opportunity to inspire others, you can choose to be an inspiration or to be negative, and others will avoid you like the plague. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to be around someone who looks for the silver lining in everything? Those people are fun-loving, compassionate and are always there to assist in time need. That’s the kind of person I aspire to be and to be around. They are one in a million as friends. Seek them out. The company you keep is reflection of you and who you become.

Look around for opportunity’s get involved

Hiding your life’s light under a bushel will keep you from the joy of living, we are only on this earth for short time let you light be a beacon a working lighthouse for all to see and let you life’s pages encourage, and be full of word inspiring actions. Inspire to live life to fullest to be a blessing to others and in turn to be blessed by others.

Remove the bushel form you life


Turn the lighthouse of yours called “life” into a truly word inspiring story, become keeper of your own lighthouse of life.  Keep the wick metaphorically speaking trimmed and burning brightly. For all see and follow onward to a life filled with joy of living. Be an encourager. One of my life’s goals is God first, others second, me last, let me encourage you find the switch to turn on you life’s lighhouse and shine forth.

Thank you for reading today’s article please drop us a not to let us know if you have comments.
Shine on, Elaine and Scarlett