Life’s Daily Inspiration for when you want to smack someone

Thy Shall Not Smack – Yes People chomp

   Admit it we need inspiration

Some days are harder than others .We wake up in a good mood and someone or something rubs you the wrong way.You intended on having a good attitude but those daily inspirations you read yesterday just went south .

Oh it’s easy when every thing go smoothly . No challenge with that . Talk is cheap huh?

Be  kind to unkind people ; they need it the most – Buddhism

I want to smack you but I won’t  – me Scarlett

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you, and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too. – Will Smith

I want to smack you but I won’t , I mean let me read life’s daily inspirations so I will not smack you – me Scarlett

In a world where you can be anything , be kind – author unknown

Your energy introduces you before you speak – author unknown

Being happy is a  very personal  thing and it really has nothing to do with anyone else – author unknown

Please make me not want to smack you – Scarlett

There is nothing more classy or powerful than showing forgiveness and grace to someone who does not deserve it – author unknown

You didn’t  earn my smack , I mean you do not deserve my smack – me Scarlett

I am thankful for all those difficult people in my life. They have shown me exactly who I do not want to be -author unknown

I am really proud of myself that I have not smacked you yet , but please don’t get too close – me Scarlett

I can quote positive comments all day , but walking the talk , well …. yes I can when I choose to , it’s the choosing that I’m working on. A saint I ain’t, but I am trying ! But some day I think what the heck happened ?

What is the point of reading daily inspirations if ya can’t practice them ? I know life happens . People chomp , what ? You didn’t notice that when you were dating?  You thought you could change him?  You thought you could train him ? Oh how funny huh ?  How is that working out for ya ? And then the random people that we encounter

It’s gonna happen

What about when your fixing to get over in the lane to get on the freeway and the car a hundred feet back speeds up causing you to miss your exit and then to add  insult to injury they give you a finger and I don’t mean the howdy do kind.


And dont  ever never ever never be rude to a waiter / waitress .You do not , let me repeat want their DNA in your food .Enough said on that matter .Yuck

  Own up

So what do you do ? Do you get mad , even, or just forget it  when people rub you wrong ?  Do you have visions of how pay  back would feel like, or look like ? Truthfully probably all has crossed  our mind . I  try to take a deep breathe and tell myself this is not the way I choose to act .


 Step back -Be an inspiration

May we reflect ? When you are put out with your spouse / lover remember you chose this person.Secondly there iIS some one out there that would love to hear that beautiful sound of  his chomping  and maybe his snoring  and perhaps enjoying  drinking coffee sitting on your favorite couch . Are you wanting to smack me ?


What or how can we inspire ourselves to be better people , to learn to roll when things roll on  us and more importantly how to be less  reactionary ? To not purposely hurt people , That when someone goes low we take the high road just because . Everyone hurts sometimes , do we not ?

True story , a lady was checking out , or attempting to check out at JC Penneys , she was struggling to get her money out of her purse and just seemed overwhelmed with this simple task . An irate customer behind her ( no not me , I will smack ) said in a loud tone , “is something wrong with you ” and the young lady tearfully replied ” yes I’m trying to get a dress to wear to my mothers funeral today ”

I hope the irate customer learned from this sad interaction


Conclusion   Revenge really is not the answer. Yes really

Content goes here.

Choose to be bigger , better , and forgiving . Yes chomping , it drives me crazy , but did I fail to mention he just  warmed my car , and had my gloves waiting for me when I was leaving for work?

The guy that cut me off in traffic , I wonder if he was trying to get to the hospital to be with his wife as she delivered their child . Was he on his way to his second job so his son can get braces or maybe God was sparing me from a drunk driver down the road .

When those kind of moments erupt I pray I will be strong  enough to laugh , be grateful ,  be hopeful someone will over look my short comings  and that I can say thank you for this beautiful day and that I did not smack someone .

Thank you for the sunshine  , thank you for the showers of blessings on my life today. Please let me be a blessing to others today .

If you live your life being the best you can be others will notice . If you smile , if your happy it’s contagious.So let’s strive to let our light shine and not hide it under a bushel so we can be one of life’s daily inspiration.

God   Bless,

Elaine and Scarlett