About Us!

     Hello I’m Scarlett, And I’m Elaine, And we have been taking care of Hospice patients for a combined total of over 70 years. Everyone has a calling and ours has been caregiving.

  Being a caregiver to others, is very rewarding. Whether it’s someone’s mom,dad,brother,or sister. It’s an awesome privilege .Every person has different needs and illnesses. And every person will touch your life in some way.

         And every once in a while one of those same patients will be one of  lifesdailyInspiration. We recently lost a patient whom we both loved. She was one of the sweetest people either of us had ever met. And regardless of her illness and her pain. Being bed bound and unable to still read. 

She never once complained,and always had the cutest smile and a kind word. With all of her problems she was an encourager at heart. We both will always remember her as inspiring us to be kind and caring. Even when we don’t feel like it. With over 70 years of caregiving their are many stories to tell and share. Stories we hope will inspire all of usto live our life to the fullest…..