“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes

Q“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes

“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes
“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes

Memories are like snowflakes, and some are as beautiful as snowflakes and other make you cringe and this one is the later. It still makes cringe. So for this ”Life’s Daily Inspiratio


Does anyone besides me remember when you learned to ride a bike? 

“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes
Life’s Daily Inspiration Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes

You can bet your bottom dollar I remember. It’s not hard when you were traumatized by your older brother and his friend John. I think they lived to torture me, no kidding. You would have thought they had nothing better to do than make my life miserable. It was not a ”Life’s Daily Inspiration” for (me) at that moment.

But let’s start at the beginning I was maybe 7 yrs old and my brother Carl would have been 81/2 almost as he was 14 months older. I looked up to him.  Rightly so we played together all the time. You know back when board games were the in thing.

The problem was always when we went to a friend of my Grandfathers and one of Carl’s buddies. As Dads friend had a son about the same age. That was just ducky for Carl and bor-ing for me.

We hadn’t been at John’s 10 minutes till he decides that he and Carl are

“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes
Life’s Daily Inspiration Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes

going to play marbles. “That was our early version of computer games.  Yeah right! You shot your marble into a group of marbles and all that scattered out, You won yippie.Well, I didn’t say it was a good version gimme a break you used what you had. They

hadn’t even invented Atari computers yet. Yeah, I know those were pitiful times but we didn’t know it Lol.

John and I were not buds I was (A GIRL) and must have had horns on my head and been blessed with the plague.  He wanted nothing to do with me. 

Well, I could tell you about the time when we were older and Carl was sick at home. John and I  played spin the bottle up in the barn loft. 

Sorry wrong story and several years later. Back to being a two-headed monster.John wanted Carl and him to go bike riding. He knew I didn’t know how so that let me out. So I sat on the porch and pouted.

Dad came out to the car for something and said, where are the boys out bike riding? I  told him yes. Dad said  I told them to play with you. I shrugged! 

About an hour later Dad came back out and looked over at me still sitting in the porch swing. Are they not back he asked? No sir. When Carl comes back tell him I want to see him. Yes sir I replied.


Maybe an hour later Carl and John come racing down the hill and swerved into the driveway John’s bike hit the gravel and he went flying off the bike and smacked the gravel and hit his forehead near his eye I could tell you I felt bad for him but I didn’t. So I won’t tell that lie!

Carl went straight inside with John before I could say anything. Well, they did sort of Lol. 

About 10 minutes later out came  Carl and John. John went running around the side of the house and came back with what he said was his old bike. 

Carl spoke up and said, Dad wants us to teach you to ride a bike. Ahhh no

“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes
“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes

thanks! I’ll pass. Look Carl said, I’ve already got into trouble because we left you here. Now come on it’s easy.

I looked at the bicycle, now I remember it had one of the banana seats and high handlebars that look kinda like moose antlers.

So Carl moves to bribery how about I wash and dry the dishes tonight. I said why? Afraid you’ll get a whipping if you don’t stay with me. Why would you think that? of course not. 

We just thought we would teach you then you can ride around your self.

Well, I’d like to learn you won’t let go will you. No, silly I got you he replied.

That was exactly what he did for about 4 or 5 tries. On one of these failures my Dad and Johns Dad got into the car to leave. Dad stopped to encourage me and inspire Carl with the look. You know the look that’s says you better do as I say. Yeah, that look. I just couldn’t get the hang of it. 

By this time both he and John had decided they had done there bit for uncoordinated little sisters. So up comes Carl and says I got an idea let’s go all the way to the top of the hill. Then we will all ride down together ok? No way nothing doing you’ll let go. No he said,I won’t I promise. 

So all the way up that big steep hill I kept asking are you sure you won’t let me go. I swear he said.

I should have known old John boy was way to quiet. But I was only 7 and Carl was my big brother. 

Then I thought about what he talked me into last year. Which was he convinced me he was catching Bumble Bees ????. In his hands when they’d lite on the hibiscus flowers. 

Then he would shake them up and let them go. Without getting stung uh huh! 

Did I tell you we were best buddies. Well let’s just say afterwards I felt dummer than a box of rocks.  I should have known better. Yes I got stung, and oh joy I’m allergic. I thought my Dad was gonna have a stroke his face was so red! 

I’m just gonna tell you My Dad applied the board of education to the seat of knowledge. He sat on a pillow at dinner. Lol

He deserved it.

So now I’m stopped at the top of the hill and refusing to go down period. I told Carl your trying to trick me into something I just know it. I am not going.

He was slick he rode up beside me and said, Sis I’m gonna be right there with you holding on to the handlebars. I promise.

Even John chimes in how about I give you two of my cat’s eye marbles. You wanna ride with us don’t you then you gotta learn how.

Carl and John get on either side of me at the top facing down hill.( FYI) while we were arguing at the top of the hill. As karma would have it our dads had come back and were sitting on the porch. Hee he there is justice….

We started down that big hill with Carl holding on. That lasted a very short way. I was screaming you lied.. you lied you frog head! Then I went scared spitless as I realized the mailbox was in my way. Carl was hollering turn, turn stupid!

Turn!!! Crash , boom, bang, thud.

Don’t worry 7 stitches later I was fine. But, afterward,  when my Dad and that board of knowledge got through with Carl he wasn’t. Wish I could tell you I felt kinda bad for him. But not even a little.

I Oh, don’t worry it wasn’t our last stunt my Dad always said, Carl put these gray hairs on my head. Of course I was a perfect Angel.

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4 thoughts on ““Life’s Daily Inspiration” Memory’s Are Like Snowflakes”

  1. Loved that story, reminded me of my sister and my other brother LOL. My sister was a tomboy after all the torturing we did to her and still is to this day. She tells my nieces her daughters about all the stories her horrible uncles did to her and half I don’t even remember. Thanks for bringing that smile to my face and going to send this link to my sister and brother.

    1. Thanks Jason,
      So glad you got laugh out our antics we were young and dumb. And I have a lot more of out craziness coming. Thanks for your awesome comments and please revisit us again.

  2. Wow, what a brother you had there. I was fortunate. I was the oldest and had 2 younger brothers.
    My story growing up was similar. We played outside and had to make up our own games as we were really poor.
    If we learned how to ride a bike, it wasn’t on our own. We did have friends that had a bike and that is how I learned. I taught myself to ride. The bike was way to big for me. If I sat on the seat I couldn’t reach the grown. I also didn’t understand how to work the brakes as they were on the handlebars. I hit the wrong brake and I tumbled over the handlebars.
    Didn’t take long to learn which brake to hit after that.
    I will never forget me running home to tell my mom that I could ride a bike. She didn’t believe me. I had her come outside to show her and she was amazed. Not only because I really could ride a bike, but that the bike was so big and I was so little.
    Even though I was the oldest, I still had 2 brothers as siblings. My youngest one was the one who would always play jokes on me and try to scare me constantly. I fought boys more than anything growing up. I was quite the TomBoy myself.
    Ahh, sometimes I wish we could go back to those days.
    How is your relationship with your brother now? And what about John? Do you still keep in contact?
    Thank you for your daily inspiration. Life is really like a snowfall. The different flakes are symbols of different events in our lives. We either think they are beautiful, or wish they would stop falling.
    Wishing you the best in all you do
    Lee Ann

    1. Hey Lee Ann,
      Oh, my brother and I are really close even today we not only look like twins. We act like twins. As for John we all keep in contact. Carl and he much more often than I. And we are so proud you like our story. Hope you will visit again.

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