”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

One of my favorite pastimes has always been fishing. Give me a rod and reel a little tackle and I am ready. Now if I’m gonna stay all day, I want

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing
”Life’s Daily Inspiration”

cheese and crackers, a bottle of water or two and a good book for when

they’re not biting. Now that’s a ”life’s daily inspiration” I always enjoy. Rain or shine.


Which every person who’s ever been fishing has experienced. But, no matter it’s a time to think on the problems of the world.

Or just chill out and watch the mosquito’s buzz by, or the dragonflies glide through the air. 


Those of you who think fishing is boring are just plain wrong. Nothing is more relaxing or fun to me than a day spent fishing. Unless it’s two days

spent fishing.

I’ve gone to Alabama to my camper many a

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

weekend to fish. To renew my ” life’s daily inspiration”

Cleaning and frying outdoors what you catch with some homemade hush puppies and coleslaw. Wow. Usually, that involves several of us participating. 


Somehow I always get to fry fish, I have my dads cast iron pot it has 3 legs and holds about 2 gallons,

It’s actually referred to as a kettle and has a cast iron lid. Which makes the best-fried fish ever, my favorite is channel catfish. I’ve had the privilege or misfortune to clean as many as 100 fish at once. 


Not bad if they are 3 to 5 lbs each but, if there brim or bluegill well, not everyone knows how to fillet them little fellers.

We fillet everything so no bones are involved.


I’m gonna brag, a little breaded and deep-fried fish is killer. You have to be

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

southern I think to know how to fry good fish.  With a little dab of cayenne pepper and fresh ground cornmeal, a little flour mixed in salt and pepper is key.

As is dipping the fish in egg and buttermilk then rolling in cornmeal mixture and putting in boiling oil. 

It usually takes less than three minutes. Yummy stuff. 

Now that being said, if the fish smell fishy throw it out. Fresh fish is never smelly when freshly caught.  The same holds true for mouth-watering fresh 

Oysters to fry. Just an FYI you’re local Walmart has oysters in a vacuumed sealed container which makes them a great choice with your fish fry. 

Just crumble up 2 packs of Krispy crackers, add pepper and spices. Dip oysters in scrambled egg mixture. Dredge oysters repeating twice and deep fry till golden.


My hush puppies are made with 80% cornmeal 20% flour and bell pepper

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

diced fine.1 whole bunch of green onions or 1 medium purple onion. Diced small. Buttermilk and 1 egg. Roll them out on a spoon and drop them in the kettle.


Our cookouts always involved cooking, horseshoes, crochet, and a 30-minute fishing rodeo. The winner gets to opt out of clean up and pick the next play date and where the camping takes place. 


Every one of us has things they will always remember as near and dear to our heart. Fishing with my Mom up until she was 92 years of age and her dragging in those big channel catfish is among my most treasured memories. 

Oh, I had to bait and cast it the last couple of years. But, I counted that as a joy, not an aggravation.


Same goes for when she got to where she couldn’t take them off of the hook. So yours truly did that as well. 

But, the talks between fishing, some time over silly memories, sometimes totally childlike stuff and some made up as Mom had Alzheimer’s the last few years. 

However, she never forgot the love of fishing. In May she turned 93 yrs old on her birthday and  I rented a cottage on the water and took her fishing.  I’m so proud I did that. She wanted a fishing trip one more time.


In August she went home to her new heavenly home. She always told me when I got to heaven to check out the River of life cause she was planning to spend her days fishing. I USE TO SAY HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU’LL BE FISHING?  She would always answer the Lords gonna give me the desire of my heart and that’s fishing.

She would promise me she would keep a line in for me. 

She also said that she and Dad would be waiting for a heavenly fish fry. 

Now I feel sure once she saw her Savior’s face her desires changed. But, I love the story still.

  Elaine and I being in Hospice for over 70 years combined. 

We’ve seen first-hand patients who have been helped by different medicines. Some conventional some not. We are advocates of 
Medical Marijuana because it does work. And for CBD oil which is readily available and legal for everyone. If you are interested in checking it out.



Thanks for reading with us today we hope you enjoyed our family life memory and if so, please leave us a comment below.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your fishing experience, I can see how much it means to you. You’d think I was crazy years ago when I said I didn’t enjoy to fish, but that quickly changed. You can’t go wrong with cheese and crackers! I like your personality on the article, it really shows uniqueness. I’m ready to catch and cry some fish now :). I thought it was awesome how you and your mom shared a love for fishing and went out there to continously real more in together. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello Michael,
      We appreciate you stopping by for a visit.
      Lol cheese and crackers are must by all means. Taking Mom out fishing was a joy.Sure hope you fry up a mess of fish! Yum indeed.
      Scarlett and Elaine

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