”Life’s daily inspiration” Sometimes they hurt good!

”Life’s daily inspiration” Sometimes they hurt good !

Are you an observer of other people and their behavior?

”Life's daily inspiration” Sometimes they hurt good !
”Life’s daily inspiration” Sometimes they hurt good !

Do you wonder what is or is not a life’s daily inspiration to others? Sure you do! It’s human nature.

Let’s go further, what does “life’s daily inspiration” mean to you?

What makes you stop in your tracks, take a deep breath, and get your undivided attention?  It can hurt you good and it can hurt you badly, wouldn’t you agree?

Let me give you an example-


My dear friend Mary and her husband with the help of extend family, grandparents, aunts, and uncles have raised a wonderful young man.

His name is Taylor and he is a Nurse. I would like to think I had some

”Life's daily inspiration” Sometimes they hurt good !
”Life’s daily inspiration” Sometimes they hurt good !

positive influence on this guy as well. I was present when Mary found out she was pregnant, to the baby shower, and so ever present when he was delivered.

I have never in my life seen a child so wanted, welcomed and loved. I mean never! 

When Mary alerted everyone that she was en route to have our Taylor, you would had thought they were famous movie stars .

The cars lined up everywhere at the hospital. I wasn’t surprised at all. There were so many family friends waiting in the hall, on the steps, in the waiting room, and in the birthing room.

The staff at the hospital was  in awe. So many family and friends awaiting the arrival of this little bundle of joy to be named Taylor.

Taylor made for me!!!!!

Mary had told that over and over when she was pregnant to anyone in ear

”Life's daily inspiration” Sometimes they hurt good !
”Life’s daily inspiration” Sometimes they hurt good !

shot.” I am going to call him Taylor because he /she is Taylor made for me ”! 

That is one of the truest things that I have ever witnessed.

Now get this! Mary did not want to know the gender of her precious baby, nope, did not, she knew the baby was going to be named Taylor either way. Now this is the interesting thing that I could had never, ever, never done.

As soon as the doctor could determine the gender of the baby, (they knew not to say it out loud per Mary’s request ).He wrote the gender on a piece of paper and sealed it in an envelope. 

Mary kept that envelope with her, sealed , every day until AFTER she delivered Taylor .I am here to tell you I could not had done that .

Back to the birthing room.

In walks the doctor to deliver this precious baby! But there is a huge problem!

It’s the Wrong Doctor! What? Yes! Wrong Doctor!  Oh My!!!

I saw Mary’s face. Mary quickly asked ” Who are you? Where is Dr.Ordonez? You do not know anything about me or my baby?” 

He assured her everything would be ok as he had delivered 1000’s of babies without a hitch.

Mary’s reply was” you never delivered my Taylor made before”

She told this kind doctor that Dr.Ordonez told her last week on her routine weekly visit that he was most certainly on call this week and he would deliver Taylor .

This ”wrong doctor” explained that sadly Dr. Ordonez was in the hospital, same hospital as us, but as a patient as he had suffered from a heart attack, but would be ok.

Mary immediately began to pray for Dr.Ordonez and became friendlier toward this ”wrong doctor’’

He made small talk, trying to calm Mary down, and begin a rapport as they were total strangers to each other.

While the ”wrong doctor” was looking at Mary’s chart he noticed her address. He smiled and gently said” I do know you and your husband kinda and thank you so very much”

Mary and all of us were puzzled. What do you mean asked Mary.

He said” you and your sweet family have been helping my Mom every day since you moved in right by her, you are sweet Mary, that is what Mom calls you.”

Mary screamed with happiness ” your Mrs. Elizabeth’s son? I feel like I know you from all the stories I have heard about you from your sweet Mom. Apparently I have met your wife and children, and well that makes since. You are the ”doctor son” that is always working. I know I have seen you come and get her for dinner and have Sunday outings”

Mary and the ”the wrong doctor” hugged one another.

He sweetly said” Mom has told me how many times you have included her in your family meals and like clock work you check on her everyday and your husband takes down her garbage weekly, thank y’all so much, I am so glad we met. You have taken care of my Mom and now I am gonna take care of Taylor and his Mom, now let’s have a baby.”

Exactly 10 minutes later, Taylor arrived with blonde hair, blue eyes, healthy and absolutely beautiful. I saw Taylor make direct eye contact with Mary, I am serious, I know what I saw.

They bonded then and are bonded now.

Dr. Ordonez recovered well and apologized for his absence but stated” I sent you a great doctor” to her reply,  yes you sent me the best” wrong doctor ” and we are so glad you did”!!

This was a wonderful life’s daily inspirational moment and it hurt so good!

  Elaine and I being in Hospice for over 70 years combined. 

We’ve seen first-hand patients who have been helped by different medicines. Some conventional some not. We are advocates of 
Medical Marijuana because it does work. And for CBD oil which is readily available and legal for everyone. If you are interested in checking it out.


Many blessings,

Scarlett and I hope you enjoyed our article and we appreciate you coming by today. Please share us with others and drop us a line of one of your life’s daily inspirational stories or moments.

Elaine and Scarlett

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