“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Kids Do The Craziest Things!


”Life’s Daily Inspiration” Kids Do the Craziest Things
”Life’s Daily Inspiration”-Kids Do The Craziest Things

“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Kids Do The Craziest Things!

When my older brother and I were kids around 7 and 8 years old we learned to play together. There were no little boys and girls that lived close to us back then. We became each other’s “Life’s Daily Inspiration” to play together. So generally  we got along well.

There were no gameboys, no laptops, iPads, our Nintendo’s

Or even kindles and nook readers. Just the two of us and our toys and whatever our imagination could come up with at the time.

We were both motivated and inspired to think up things to do or be, just plain bored. Which would mean Mother would not be happy. And when mother wasn’t happy nobody was happy!

My brother Carl had a lot of the little matchbox cars. Today they are a $1.00 a piece so I wonder what they cost back then?

I guess you could say, she gave us our “life’s daily inspiration” with her threats to tell our father when he got home from work. And like most kids we knew who dealt out the worst punishments.

We had a habit if asking to go out back with Carl’s matchbox collection and mine.

And yes, I had a collection also.Carl being a young boy wasn’t about to play with dolls. Of course I was a real tomboy as a little girl. 

“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Kids Do The Craziest Things!
“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Kids Do The Craziest Things!

So for Christmas we got things we could play with together.

(I’m sure more to do with World Peace at our house) “Lol.”

So out back just the other side of the chain link fence we would go. With our cars, our box full of other stuff ,that old ragged shoe box held road signs. And construction paper ,buildings all made on the those horrible rainy days that every child hates.

This was Dad’s  idea , not to bad an idea for an old person .It kept us entertained.

We would scrape out roads with a stick and set up our town and signs and play for hours. Of course being a little boy Carl always got carried away with his brotherly roll. And would do things at some point during our playing and aggravate me by taunting me with car crashes. Like tornadoes going through our town tearing up all our hard work.

He has always said, “making me mad was fun  except  when he went too far.” I caused it. I see that by getting mad which in turn made him do even more just to set me off.

 When we were older and had put up our matchbox cars and traded them in for other interest. We were maybe 12 and 13 and we were watching a Disney movie  on television. Our I should say, I was watching it.

Carl had got up and gone I thought to his bedroom. Never turn your back on an older brother and the proof is in the below story.

Sitting  there watching the movie totally absorbed in it. I thought is someone calling me. Yep, there it was again, Carl was hollering “Scarlett look what I found. Hey, come in here.”

And being the saintly darling I am I just ignored him and didn’t even answer. Oh yeah I remember this like it was yesterday day and not nearly 50 yrs. Ago.

He kept calling and somewhere in my movie fogged brain I heard these words. “Hey sis, I’m going through your private papers in your desk and notebook. AWww… how girly! A note to your friend Joyce.”

That’s all I remember because I saw red I was so mad.. I jumped up and went tearing down the hall like a tornado in progress. Carl had dumped out the contents of my dresser drawers on the floor. Which was covering my bedroom floor and had put the empty drawers on top of my bedspread. Wow! My mad meter went from 200 to sky to a cool million.

So I looked around and spotted the “target” aka Carl and he went running out of the room what a coward! With me right behind the little weasel. I just missed catching him by his shirt collar because it slipped out of my grasp.

He went running down the stairs two at a time with me following., Except  I took 2 seconds to grab the broom on the stair well and pulled it up over my head and brought down on top of his head. I then heard all at the same time I might add. First                                             

1.The broom snapped.

2. Carl let out a yowl which mad my mad feel great!

3. My parents walked in the door. Although, at the moment I did not care.

That was about to change…..

My Mother was saying “what is going on in here”? Carl is blubbering and saying, that I nearly killed him and he is bleeding.

Mother demands of my Dad  “do something she could have really hurt him.” 

Dads said,” Carl what’s going on and why did Scarlett hit you with the broom?”Up chimes the little liar (that he is) “I don’t know I didn’t do anything.”so my dad looked at me and said, “Scarlett you will apologize to your brother….NOW!”

I remember trembling with fear at the tone of Dad was using. He said “ I’m surprised at you you know better.

Well, come on apologize to him.” 

It was about that time I was hit with a bought of insanity and heard these words come out of my mouth. “No, Dad you can beat me till I die but, I will never apologize to that weasel”.

Dad said, “Scarlett apologize to him.” I said “ no and I tried to hurt him.”Not really but maybe make him suffer a little would have been nice Lol.

I was sent to my room.

I flopped down on my bed and sobbed for the unfairness of it all. 

About 10 minutes or so later Dad came to the door and knocked. Letting himself in he took in the total disarray of my normally tidy room. He looked at me puzzled. “Did your brother do this?”Yes, he did… “and what were you doing while he did it?”

I was watching  a movie in the den and then I heard Carl started reading my stuff out load. 

Dad had this funny look on his face. Next he said “Scarlett I owe you an apology for not getting your side of this first.

I’m sorry parents make mistakes and this is one of mine.

But, still your the most stubborn child I have. Why didn’t you just tell me what happened?”

Because Dad you didn’t ask…

Carl and I regardless of my efforts to brain him are very close always . We always have been. Except when he pushes my buttons and pushes me over the edge again. 

  Elaine and I being in Hospice for over 70 years combined. 

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“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Kids Do The Craziest Things
“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Kids Do The Craziest Things


2 thoughts on ““Life’s Daily Inspiration” Kids Do The Craziest Things!”

  1. Not only did I find myself being inspired by this post, I also found myself been nostalgic and reminiscing about the old good days. Well in my case, it’s still about 15 years back.

    I was also considered the most stubborn of my two sisters, well that could be right, just that with that comes a lot of responsibilities.

    Sometimes it feels like I would love to experience those times again, then again, the thoughts and emotions are so surreal that it feels as though the now is then.

    Thanks so much for sharing this part of yourselves and letting reawaken the little girl in me once again.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for stopping by and reading us. We chuckled regarding your comments regarding your childhood. It is fun to go back in time. It surely stirs a lot of emotions. Thanks again, we are happy you enjoyed us here at lifesdailyinspiration.com. Please share the fun with others, and we would love to hear yours and others inspirational memories.
      Elaine and Scarlett

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