“Life’s Daily Inspiration” Captain Of Your Own Ship!

“Life’s Daily Inspiration”-Captain Your On Ship!


“Life’s Daily Inspiration”Captain Of Your Own Ship!

Let me share this beautiful historical quote

   A  True “Life’s Daily Inspiration” for all.

“We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.”

  Ralph Waldo Emerson

     Everyone of us is guided by our own choices, which in turn means we are all an original master piece created by our heavenly  father and given the gift of choice, to choose our paths in life.

      Every path we go down through our life heads through new territory yet uncharted. Where you go is sometimes a product of what we each go through in life on our journey, which can be a positive growing experience or a negative  growing experience.

    This simple “inspirational quote” says volumes.

“Storms make oaks take roots.”

And likewise those that don’t bury up by digging in because of force of the storm, get washed away and are good for nothing because they never get the chance to grow.  Some storms are too much for the little seeds to take root and grab a hold so they die off.

People do the same in a round about way.

That analogy could be said of any of us. A loved one dies and we are crushed with grief which is a totally normal response. Unless your some kind of a monster of a person. No one is ever ready and willing to say good bye. 

  I had a hospice patient who had very little time left.

 She lived with her son. The  last three days of her life , I was there to care for her.  For her son this was not one of “Life’s Daily Inspirations”.

Her son took off from work to be near her. Even slept in the room with her on the floor close  to the bed, with just enough room for me to navigate around his Mom’s hospital bed as I needed  to do to care for her throughout the night. Attending her needs.

Her son , didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk.

    Around 3am I woke her son, as I was sure she didn’t have much time left in her earthly body. I encouraged him to get up.

  Minutes later the Lord, called her home to no more pain, no more sorrows those things were all just gone from that room.

Unfortunately so was , this Sons . His Mom whom he dearly loved. He literally started screaming “No, No Mamma don’t go…come back, Momma. Don’t leave me, don’t leave me..”

His pain was so evident and difficult to watch .

   His grief was so encompassing . He did this for around 30 minutes .He sobbed on my shoulder uncontrollably one minute and then would be wailing buckets of tears the next. Totally devastated, oh ,he knew she was dying and had cancer and was in pain. And that her pain now was gone. 

In his head he knew all that, In his heart was only the loss he felt. There is no wrong or right way to grieve. It’s a journey we must all make sooner or later. 

 Unfortunately this is something I’ve witnessed many, many times. We all grieve differently. 

    Your writing on the pages of your life ,every experience  you have gone through good times and bad times.

    I had another lady who was dying and her family were scattered all over the house asleep. One on the couch in the living room. One on the floor in the living room. One in a recliner. Another in a different bedroom. 

   And again in the wee hours before daylight I woke up the daughter that was closest ,who in turn woke the others and the great grandson about 7 or 8 years old who was on the floor.

All came and gathered around their mom,

  They held hands and one by one , they told her they loved her , with tears streaming down everyone of their faces. Their  Mom went very peacefully. And each in turn never said a word and just by unspoken agreement went and kissed their Mom’s  cheek and went out of the room to have a moment of grief alone.

   Both of these two dear lady’s ,were equally gone on to glory yes, but each family member handled there grief in there own way.

  Traveling down the same path and yet in different directions.

   “Those who think there is a Time Limit when Grieving….have never lost a piece of their Heart.”


  Elaine and I being in Hospice for over 70 years combined. 

We’ve seen first-hand patients who have been helped by different medicines. Some conventional some not. We are advocates of 

Medical Marijuana because it does work. And for CBD oil which is readily available and legal for everyone. If you are interested in checking it out.


Many Blessing,

Scarlett and Elaine 

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4 thoughts on ““Life’s Daily Inspiration” Captain Of Your Own Ship!”

    1. Virginia ,
      Thank you for stopping by , we are so pleased you enjoy our stories , our website , and our message at lifesdailyinspiration. com
      Many blessings to you
      Elaine & Scarlett

  1. Hello lovely ladies.
    It such an individual thing when you lose a loved one.
    When our mother passed, my sister cried a lot and I didn’t. I had my moments but in the quiet of my own space. My sister was open with her feelings.
    There is no right way and there is no judgment.
    I don’t really think you get it until you experience a loss yourself.
    The heart can heal, it takes time, but it can heal.
    All the best to you ladies 🙂

    Di 🙂

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