Life’s Daily Inspiration – ” Where did outside go?”

Life’s Daily Inspiration- Where did outside go?

“Life’s Daily  Inspiration” – Where did outside go


My 4 year old nephew Steve loved playing outside, getting dirty, getting wet, jumping in the mud puddles and then hugging us.

Oh my gosh, loved the love, but the mud and dirt was not one of my lifes daily inspirational moment at all.

It was like it was his life mission ,his “life’s daily inspiration” if you will .

To get as muddy as he could and come jump on me.

My sister thought it was hilarious so I really encouraged him to jump in her lap, It was all in fun, we knew he was having fun and we could shower anytime we needed a break .

Steve loved everything about being outside and it was a chore to get him to come inside, I mean a real  challenge .

One Nite after getting bathed, fed, and ready for bed, he opened the curtains. It was dark as could be . His little face was priceless.

Remember the movie ” home alone ”? It was one of those moments, he couldn’t believe his eyes !

Where Did outside ago ?

His expression was priceless! One I will never ever forget .

Everything was dark. So different and ”his outside ”that he knew was gone .

A true moment of “life’s daily inspiration” that money could never buy.

Everything he knew was gone , no sunshine, no light, he couldn’t see his bike, his balls, or even his mud puddles that he loved so much .

My sister and I did laugh when he innocently asked ” where did outside go ” It was funny, cute , and simple .

My sister explained to him that ”its time for everyone and everything to rest .

And when he would wake up in the morning everyone and everything will have rested and his outside will be back .

This seemed to please Steve, he hugged and kissed us, we said our prayers and he screamed at the top of his voice,  “I can’t wait to see my outside again”

” I can’t wait to see my outside again ”

This comment really hit home for me .

A simple sentence from a 4 year old . how inspiring to me as an adult.

I began thinking about how many times in life when hard times come, and we know they will, how do we feel?

I knew exactly what Steve was saying,

Everything that he knew and look forward to vanished.

When you realize in just a moment, a split second, everything that you know has changed.

That can be an exciting time. or a time to re assess what is important or a time of devastation. We have to take in what has just happened.

Where did your _______ go ?

What are you missing ?

What do you need to re -evaluate?

What do you need to change ?

What do you need to let go of ?

It could be many things .

Where did your goal to lose weight go ?

Where did your goal of meeting your financial budget go ?

More importantly -Where did your goal go that you didn’t take time to go to the nursing home to spend time with your loved one?

You know the one that was always there for you growing up, and encouraging you when those hard knocks showed up ?

Sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to just wake up and our ” outside is back ”

Sometimes ” our outside IS gone ”

Sometimes it is our own fault and sometimes we have no control at all .

Sometimes it is a blessing that ” our outside IS gone.

This is when we have to re adjust, re-eval

And learn a different normal and that is when our attitude is what will make the difference moving forward .

I would like to encourage us all to be the best that we can be, to be present and focus on the important things in life, so we can be better people, because the ” things ” in life that are so important are not about things, they are about people!

How many times has ” someone ” been there for you? Are you there for them ?

Or are they a bother now because they are older, slower, take too much time or because they tend to repeat themselves ?

In conclusion, the bottom line, some times in life we are actually in control after all .

So my question to you is” where did your outside go ?

Please share your thoughts, what would you like to change or do different ?

Let’s inspire !

Blessings on you and yours,

Elaine and Scarlett

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