Life’Daily Inspiration “My Old Rusty Clunk Mobile”

This photo is definitely not my old clunker

Life’s Daily  Inspiration “My Old Rusty Clunk Mobile”

When I was in high school my Dad bought me my first car I was so excited. That particular moment was definitely one of Life’s Daily Inspirations for me. I was sixteen and now I had a car. Having just gotten my license two weeks before, I was so excited. Of course it was a given  I had to pay Dad back. It was a lot of money. A whole 300 dollars, well it was a lot to me I only worked on Saturdays as I was still in school. Making the astronomical amount of 4 dollars an hour. Working nights at Joyland Nursery from 6pm till 6am. Oh yeah, that was a real joy!

I truly enjoyed the work and the children.I still remember a lot of them today after all these years. It was another form of inspiration or encouragement toward a lifetime of helping and caring for others.

Back to my little oil burner of a first car it was a 57 Chevy oh, I was so thrilled my own set of wheels. It was a faded shade of pink, a badly faded shade of pink. An awful ugly shade of pink. Remember, it was a 57 this was 1974 so it was pushing being 20 years old up hill as my Dad use to say. “meaning  close enough for government work”) Lol!

My little oil burning baby, smoked a little not bad.

Had 4 tires that were of the may pop variety. I know you are wondering what kind of tire that was?

Is that like the old retreads they use to have?

Not quite, may pops are tires that may pop, anytime , because they are so bad. I am not kidding you, back then you could buy a fairly good used tire for 2 or 3 dollars.

I went over one of the little two lane bridges holding my breath every inch of the way.

I drove that car back and forth from Kensington TN. To Chattanooga TN. about 20 miles  one way to High  School .I can remember the first time I went over one of the little two lane bridges out in the boonies of Kensington in that big old pink boat with my brand new drivers license of two weeks.Me shutting my eyes because a tractor trailer passed me. I about wet my pants. It’s ok you can laugh because when my heart started beating again I did.

In the first month, no lie it’s the gospel truth I had five flats.

 I had  to learn to change tires  before I got the car. My Dads requirement in tough love. He said to me, “Your a woman you need to know how to do this and  how to add your own oil and how to check it and how to fill it up with gas.”Which FYI only cost back then about 21 cents a gallon.

No cell phones, no pay phones and no covered wagons.

We didn’t have cell phones back then and there were no pay phones on the back roads and out in the Boonies there were very few houses. And no we were not back in the days of covered wagons! I’m old not ancient.

You are probably thinking that’s terrible ,was it? No, my Father  was teaching me the hard way, to be tough and stand on my own two feet. If I was old enough to drive I was old enough to care for the every day maintaining of it. His tough love has always inspired me to learn for myself the how to’s of life. Instead of just calling someone to come and fix it.

Once my radiator started leaking.

Thankfully  I was at home. I went to talk to my Dad  about it and was thinking he will handle it.

Sometime as a teenager you can be a really slow learner you know?  I was given a reminder real quick. Dad said, “Scarlett go get the phone book and look up Bohannon’s salvage and call and ask if they have one to fit your  car.” Absolutely not what a sixteen-year wants to hear. We already know everything remember. Or so we think!

I just knew my Dad, my hero was going to take care of my first real car problem. Wrong!

His way was to teach me how.

His way was to teach me how to problem solve as just another Life’s Daily Inspiration along the way to be my own woman in life.

I called and found out they had one. Later that day I took Dad’s truck following his directions and went to pick up my used radiator.

When I got back dad was on the porch waiting.

I realize now he was probably a little worried about me trying to follow directions and driving a truck I had never driven before. He was just being a Dad and  trying to act unconcerned just sitting there. Which,he never did. Of course, it took many years to realize that fact.

When I went up on the porch he said “good you found the place alright.”

“I have taken out the tools you will need, so you better get to it.”He then explained what I had to do to remove the old one and add the new one and that he would be inside if I had questions.

I was (Not) feeling encouraged or inspired at that moment.

I did remove and install the radiator myself.How many 16 year old girls can say they have done that?

All these 40 years later I feel so proud of my Dad. He did his best in his own way to equip me for the twist and turns in life .Knowing  that the journey of life can be full of potholes and difficult to navigate.

I will forever be inspired to at least try. It cost nothing to try but time. Of which we have a lifetime .



2 thoughts on “Life’Daily Inspiration “My Old Rusty Clunk Mobile””

  1. I loved the story. Thanks for that little bit of inspiration today. As I’m reading I’m picturing it in my head like a movie and seeing your dad hiding his worry even though it was probably written all over his face. Sounds like you had a pretty cool dad.Any advice for a new mom?

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words regarding “ My Old Clunk Mobile “ as I said it took many year to figure out his worry that day. And you are right he was my hero and a terrific Dad.  I have often wondered how I would have turned if he hadn’t shown me tough love. Thanks for awesome comments.


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