Lifesdailyinspiration ask “ Jesus loves who?”

     Life’s Daily Inspiration “Jesus loves who?”

So I take my 5 year old little toe head Taylor  to his cousins vacation bible school ( VBS ) .This wasn’t my church and they didn’t know us so I really appreciated the time and effort  that the VBS put in place re filing out appropriate papers for his safety of course .

I had never done this before

Leaving my baby at church without me . My sister assured me he would be fine . So I put on my big girl panties and HE did not mind a bit that I had left him . I must admit on the inside , I was taken back that he was that ok with me leaving , really ? Sniffle sniffle .  He was having a ball !  Running , jumping and chasing his cousin Sarah.

Finally I get to get my little boy

There he was smiling . I noticed he was wearing a badge with his face on it dressed in an astronaut uniform and it said in bold letters “Jesus loves Robert “ Robert ? Yes Robert , his name is Taylor ! I said Taylor did you tell them you are Robert he smiled and said yes !  I thought we would further discuss this in the car, so I picked him up and kissed him like it had been weeks since I had seen him . So I gathered his things and walk toward the door to sign him out , so I thought !


All of a sudden I was surrounded by security ,this was not an inspirational moment , just the opposite of an inspirational moment they didn’t know me or Taylor , they knew Robert .

So I smiled at my sweet adorable angel , looking directly into his  big blue eyes and said , TELL them your name please .

Without missing a beat he smiled and said “Robert”

It’s funny now but not at the time !

Finally my sister was able to convince them that I was not trying to abduct  ANYONE!

Taylor really ?

When we got in the car I asked Taylor why did you change your name ?
His answer was so simple and pure “ I was playing Mommy “

My heart smiled 

He was simply playing . that was inspiring, No harm no foul . When was the last time you played ?

Did something that you wanted to do , not had  to do , be told to do , but find that inner kid ?

Moral of the story 

So me thinks Jesus loves everyone  including Robert . Lol

When was the last time you just let loose ? When was your last belly laugh ? Laughter can be so contagious. It’s not a cootie bug .lol

Are we not  suppose to have fun , laugh , find that kid way deep down ?

Will you share some of your favorite memories AS well as what is your  FUN now  ?

Will you take it a step further and encourage others to have fun ?

Let’s inspire !

Blessings on you and yours,

Elaine and Scarlett





2 thoughts on “Lifesdailyinspiration ask “ Jesus loves who?””

  1. John 3:16 lets us know of the love of Jesus that he give His only begotten Son who took away the sins of the world. The love of God is real and true and anyone who comes to Him can have this love.
    The Love of God is an everlasting love that is so great that His love can reach us wherever we are and save us.

    1. Thank you Norman for your witness for Lord, I was blessed to hear a man openly witness.
      Hope you enjoyed our articles and please come again.
      Blessings In Christ,

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