Life’s Daily Inspiration. “Daddy’s Old Tattered Quilt”

Life’s Daily Inspiration- In Daddy’s Old Tattered Quilt

Life’s Daily Inspiration “ Daddy’s Old Tattered Ouilt”

One of my favorite quilts is handmade and has become rather thread bare. Actually it’s priceless to me and no amount of silver or gold can buy it. You may be thinking that  raggedy thing, you couldn’t pay me to take it. Lol, not exactly a life’s daily inspiration you say.

Poor old worn out Tattered Quilt

You are looking at the poor old tattered  worn out quilt. While I see my Dad my hero, my best source of inspiration bar none. Yep! My Dad  who would never admit to making such a female project to another man. He would have a fit about me writing this let alone publishing it.

My Dad was a man’s man about 230 lbs 6 feet 3 inches.

Had 3 degrees and wore many hats that’s probably, what inspired me to try out all the things I love to do.

Getting back to my patched quilt. In my family we saved everything, if you wore out a blouse or shirt you cut it up and saved it. After removing and saving all the buttons. (I’ve spent many an hour as a child looking at the pretty buttons in my mother’s old cookie tin) that’s another story. Once my Uncle Vernon was over for dinner and he and I were outside cleaning fish and he changed to one of my Dad’s  shirts. He left the shirt and it went on to become part of my Dad’s patch work quilt.

He was always busy outside doing something, but after developing heart trouble was delegated to the den and the dreaded Television.

He wanted something to do.

He longed for something to do, to be productive again and was inspired and encouraged by mom to quilt. At first, he balked, like are you serious?

A few weeks later he made up his mind to quit feeling sorry for himself, and learned to make quilts.

He said, he thought about it and could just hear his Mom saying to him. “There are no names on these jobs. If your available, get to it ,that job now belongs to you.”

I have 3 quilts my Dad  made and no, there not as pretty physically as my Mom’s with  her little delicate stitches. While Dad’s  are large but very neat there just as perfect as Mom’s  to me.

Stitched with love

That  old tattered quilt has many memories stitched in to the fabric. Things  that belonged to all of us at one time or another. It has all those special fabrics true enough .The  best  part to me is stitched not with the thread of this world alone. It also was stitched with the thread of love and bound not just with backing or domestic material it’s bound with joy ,peace and contentment in  a job well done with his own two hands.

This poem says it so well.

Step by step we are made,

like a homemade patchwork quilt.

Though individual pieces of cloth,

may not be beautiful one by one.

It’s beautiful when put together,

and it’s purpose in life has just begun.

“ Unknown”

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Many Blessings,

Scarlett and Elaine


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