Showers Of Blessings A Life’s Daily Inspiration

Showers of blessings

A number of years ago I had a patient who, whenever it rained would laughingly say, like the old hymn “showers of blessing we need” she was a true diamond in the rough of a person.

And an awesome example of “life’s daily inspiration” to myself and to nearly everyone she came in contact with on our hospice team.

Laughter is a great medicine

We will call her Ms.Mary out of respect and for the protection of her privacy. Ms.Mary’s face would just shine with joy whenever anyone would come to visit. Friends would call her to join with them in prayer about everything. She was known by her church family and friends as a true prayer warrior.

Another saying

Another saying she had was “that our life was like an open bible So be careful what you write on the pages. Every day, we live is a page someone will see.”

She also loved the hospice Chaplin to come and bring his guitar and sing the old songs of Zion. Oh, she didn’t just listen she would sing in that soft little voice and thrill your heart to the core and bring tears to your eyes. Joy in adversity. Wow! Showers of blessings.

Joy in adversity

Ms.Mary had found an inner joy, even though she knew she was terminal. She told anyone who would listen heaven was her home and she was waiting for the Lord to take her home.

That the only difference in her anyone else was her bus was drawing near and she had time to pack.

Your outlook is everything

Ms.Mary had every reason to be down and depressed, feeling sorry for herself but, she was such a life’s daily inspiration. She chose to be an encourager by her action of daily life as well as by her words.

She couldn’t control physically how she left this world for her heavenly home. Oh but, she could choose how she lived and served the Lord before being called home.

A brighter day is coming

The thing she instilled in everyone she talked to was a brighter day is coming. Where she wouldn’t be bed bound anymore, she wouldn’t need nursing care anymore, she wouldn’t be in pain and need pain meds anymore.

A birthday celebrated

The day came when Ms.Mary celebrated her 90 th birthday and the hospice team had decided to have a birthday party. We invited as many friends and family as we could.

We asked what kind of cake she wanted? Her reply was chocolate. And not just chocolate but the old fashion kind where icing glazes over and makes a hard shell over the cake.

A sweet memory

This brought back so many memories for me as this was my Dad’s favorite. And I had made him one the day before he died.

It was the only icing they had when my Dad and Ms.Mary were kids. And the new soft fluffy stuff that most of us love just wasn’t the same to Ms.Mary or my Dad .

Making a wish come true

I volunteered to make her an old fashion chocolate cake, just the way she liked. She sat up in that bed with her best gown , and her hair combed . Her eyes bright and you would have thought ,  we had given  her a million dollars. Friends came and went as they could come by as did the different people in the hospice team. Some brought gifts, but all left with a gift. What was the gift? She gave everyone that came “ a blessing” just being a part of her day.

The giver receives the greatest gift

Hospice teams usually consist of nurses, aides, chaplains, social workers, and a volunteer. All of us wear different hats at different times. Our primary role is to be there for our patients. Sometimes we will take on the role of family, because , often the patient’s family is all gone.

You don’t have to be born in a family

We don’t think we have to be physically born in a family to be family. I have a dear friend whom I love as much or more than my birth sisters.

Sometimes I think the Lord places special people in our lives and in this case our hospice team had become a part of Ms.Mary’s  life.

I personally loved her like family . I will  forever remember her as another wonderful person who with everyday I knew lived a full of life’s daily inspiration to treat others as you would want to be treated. To be an example of a joy filled life for everyone to see on a daily basis even in a time of great illness.

Never give up

Ms.Mary , early one morning, actually on Easter Sunday just after the sun came up,  went  home to be with the Lord.

What an awesome homecoming to be absent from the body and present with the Lord on Easter Sunday. You could never convince me that was accidental. To me it will always be a way of saying to His servant. Well done thou good and faithful servant.

Thank you for reading and sharing a few minutes with of us today.

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Blessings on you and yours,

Elaine and Scarlett


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