Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Lifesdailyinspiration?

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Life’s Daily Inspiration?

Answers to the mystery

Through my years of hospice care giving countless people have asked how do you do what you do? How do you work with people that are dying?

My answer  is always the same- I am living lifesdailyinspirartion

I can only answer that question by saying it’s no mystery.  Everyone  has a gift . Maybe  yours is the gift of encouragement, or the gift of giving to others. Mine is care giving. There is no greater joy , than finding a job that satisfies and compliments you as a person. While it’s a job it’s also your life’s calling.

Some people work years and are never satisfied with what they do all day. Every day of the week they work,they just want to get through that day.

When it’s right it’s right

When you find your true calling I believe everyday you look forward to going to work. Knowing you contribute just by being there . From that patients life experience you have become a part of lifesdailyinspiration.

While it is sad that a person is need of hospice, they are a living breathing person with thoughts, “and family in most cases,”

They need care yes, absolutely. They also have a right to be respected and to be treated with kindness and love.

The greatest is Love

We ,as caregivers don’t have all the answers “ of why me.”No one does .But, being a loving caregiver, a caring caregiver,  who gives of themselves is a priceless commodity to a hospice patient.

Which would you prefer?

Ask yourself which kind of caregiver you would rather have? One that thinks of care giving as just a job? Or one who loves their job.

Obviously I work to get paid

It is obvious caregivers work for pay that’s true enough. However doing what you love and are called to do is a blessing and it shows to others. The  patient always  benefits.As well as the family.

I as a caregiver will benefit. People who are happy in their jobs live longer and have less stress than those who are not happy.

People who sign up for hospice typically live longer, not just because of the nursing care but because of the whole hospice team. They have a whole team consisting of nurses that come once or twice a week, doctors who are available if your own doesn’t participate in the program.  Home  health aides, chaplains, social workers, and lastly but not least, awesome volunteers, that sit and read or talk to patients about what’s important to them. Whatever the case may be. On a regular schedule. Again a true calling.

Living with the mystery

I try every day to inspire my patients by example to be the best caregiver I can be. To go above and beyond in my care for my patients.

And those patients that have a deep faith and are grounded in their faith really  inspire  me .More  than I could ever inspire them.

I was told by a patient once the only difference in the hospice patient and someone who isn’t hospice, is they have a better idea of how much time they have to set their house in order.

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