The Ugly Truth About Life’s Daily Inspiration

The Ugly Truth About Lifes Daily Inspiration

When I was about 13 or 14 years old my best friend was handicapped and had an electric wheelchair. Not the small streamline kind we have today. But, a Huge big black monster of a wheelchair. Or so it seemed to me at the time. I have to fess up though it could be partially my age at the time that made it seem so big.

My friend Sheila was a Lifesdailyinspiration in the truest sense of the word. She had been born, trapped in a body that didn’t respond to her. She could talk though, and always had a smile on her face which just glowed and she loved to sing hymns about her heavenly home.

Sheila’s hands and feet were very deformed .She  had to use a strap over her hand that went around the joystick of the electric wheelchair.( for those who don’t know that’s how it steers.) I remember being in awe of my friend and how she coped with what I thought were her disabilities. Turns out she didn’t know she was disabled because she had never known anything any different. She only knew she did things differently. She  was inspiring me to think outside the box. Her mom helped her to do most of the things.

Looks can be deceiving

My best friend had taught me a very valuable lesson at an age when teenagers are usually very  opinionated and they don’t want to standout or be labeled different.

She wasn’t different

Sheila was not  the one who was different,  I was. She was different in that she saw the good in everyone even other disable friends. They had beautiful eyes or pretty hair. Or an awesome personality. While I should have encouraged ,and uplifted her but, it was the other way around. And I had two working hands and legs that worked and were not deformed. I could feed myself and dress myself.

I grew up a lot because of this

My first real glimpse of Lifesdailyinspiration .Where I knew I would forever feel differently about any form of disability. Now that I’m grown I realize I was handicapped in my thinking back then.

Not everyone marches to same drummer

I remember reading about a lady who went to church and was serving as a greeter at the door. In walked a man with stringy hair.

The man stretches out his arms and engulfs the door greeter like he had known her all his life. He then reached in his pocket and pulled out a harmonica and starts playing “Amazing Grace” right there in the doorway with people all around. She was moved so that she closed her eyes. When the man finished he placed his hand on her shoulder and she opened her eyes.

I remember  this well

He leaned in and told her, “Just remember to look beneath the surface” again he said, “Look beneath the surface,We all just want to be seen. Every single person just want to be seen for who they are.

Not what we think they are. That’s what my friend Sheila taught me . She  was not a handicapped person. She was a teenager with a love  bigger than she was. That’s the way I will always remember her. A bright light in a dark world shining brightly for all to see. Be A life’s Daily Inspiration for others to see.

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