Life’sdailyinspiration “Everyone Has A Story”

Life’s Daily Inspiration  “Everyone Has A Story”

Scarlett and I learned long ago ” everyone has a story ” They are their own authors and write their Life’s story as they go through it.. Who are we to judge ? It’s not our story !

How can you appreciate or think about being a Life’sdailyinspiration while being submursed with end of life ?

The answer – we are all terminal are we not ?

We have learned so much from our hospice journey.

We each have an expiration date. Some just happened to be told point-blank your approximate time, but, only God knows the exact appointed time.

Scarlett and I have never been given a professional terminal diagnosis so we can not fathom how that feels, however it is our Prayer that we are the hands and feet of Jesus, to help where and how we are supposed to, regardless of hospice or not.

We have seen many scenarios when we meet our patients.

There are many opportunities for care giving

Who is the primary caregiver? Who is the one that does not want to make any decisions, but will do anything that needs to be done if given direction .

Who is willing to provide the personal care ?

Who will be responsible for giving meds ?

Who will take the Night shift ? And sit up all night by their side?

Who is willing to miss work ?

Who will cancel their vacation ?

Who will have a mini wedding or graduation ceremony at the loved one’s bedside so all can participate ?

Who will celebrate Christmas in July so their loved one can have one last Christmas ?

Who will pass on that promotion at work to step down to be with their loved one ?

And who will simply sit and hold their hand and whisper I love you?

Not all givers are born into that family they may be grafted in and yet they are every bit a part of the family. Just as much as if they were born physically into it.


These are all terms we deal with every day. Just not necessarily in any particular order.

Because everyone is writing their own story, and no two stories are the same.

We have heard the following so many times ”

I use to pray for healing, that my dad/mom would get better because I want him here, but when he tells me ” I’m tired, I look forward to where I know where I am going please give me permission to go, I will see you again, I am ready, be happy for me ” and then it happens they accept that they need to give Dad/mom their permission, and that it’s the best gift They could ever give him/her peace and closure”

Scarlett and I have entered homes where we are met with denial to extreme anger and we are often the scapegoat/punching bag. We do not take this personally. They need to vent and we are handy with broad shoulders and can take it.

There is nothing normal or OK with their world !!’

The phrase ” It is well with my soul ” becomes it is hell with my soul ” PDQ

We have had many people that have gone thru ugly, nasty divorces yet when you look to see who has stepped up to help it can often be an ex spouse with their new spouse, bathing, feeding, dressing or simply holding their ex loved one’s hand and even laughing at old pictures and arguments that just didn’t matter anymore. yes it happens!

Where the rubber meets the road

We have observed countless times through the years wonderful, awesome examples of Lifesdailyinspiration. And, unfortunately seen sad life stories written by people with no real belief system.

Again I will repeat no we’ve never been given a terminal diagnosis, but we know how we want finish our story when our time comes and Lord, willing we want to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, as we pass through this world leaving a testimony for others.

Living as an example our lights burning brightly for others to see

But to demonstrate “walk the walk” of being a daily inspiration

Are you familiar with the man who wrote the beloved hymn ” it is well with my soul”!

Horatio G. Spafford wrote this beautiful song after burying 6 of his children.

What a statement !

Scarlett and I thank you for reading our blog today and would love to hear your comments.

Blessings to all,

Elaine $ Scarlett

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