Life’s Daily Inspiration In Everyone Has A Hobby!

Life’s Daily Inspiration In Everyone Has A Hobby!

Life’s Daily Inspiration In Everyone Has A Hobby!

Everyone has a hobby no matter who you are. And some have several hobbies.

I actually have several. One of which is gardening. I love getting in my flower garden tending my roses. Planting new seeds and flowers. And reaping the harvest and watching them grow. They are a life’s daily inspiration to me they feed my soul.

You watch your hard work in time, money and sweat pay off.

Right now my knockout roses are 5 feet high and thriving beautifully. In dark red color.

With a double rambling rose in peach color. Another life’s daily inspiration in my life.

  While my Gardenia bush is bursting with blooms. Azalea bushes will be coming along before to long and adding there blooms. And there awesome scent to the air.

Life’s Daily Inspiration In Everyone Has A Hobby!

I reap the beauty of my work. It inspires me to do more year after year. I also get set with coffee in hand and smell them on a cool morning. While listening to birds and watching butterflies. Even they are inspired by the free food source they provide for them.

It cost money, It  cost time. Time to plant and water. And to fertilize and feed my flowers. And money to buy weed killer products. Sometimes I’ve bought it. Sometimes I’ve made them homemade. But, they are necessary to keep down weeds that could choke out my plants.

Gardening is continuous, I moved a lot of my hostas. Separating them actually is good for them. If you don’t separate them the will due over time. Even the rose bushes need pruning every year.

Then there is always decisions to be made on what goes in my large pots every year.

So far my first attempt was seeds. Which was a poor choice it seems. As we’ve not had enough rain for poor little seeds. Watering isn’t really feasible.

But, I am still encourage and inspired to try plants like I usually do.

  Maybe dahlias or or some geraniums not sure of the flower type yet.

Life’s Daily Inspiration In Everyone Has A Hobby!

Give some thought to your hobby. Maybe you don’t call it a hobby or even realize it one.

  Maybe jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, or word search. Or like another one of mine reading. What makes you happy and brings you joy and tranquility in doing.

Guys maybe woodworking. Carving, or even reading or gardening.

A hobby can be very rewarding in its own right. Watching my garden grow and change is. A huge reward that money can buy. That satisfaction in know I did that. And then I can sit a my picnic table and enjoy it in looking at it not to mention smelling, and seeing it. So please find your inspiration through a hobby today.

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