Lifes Daily Inspiration “One Of My Greatest Memories”



Lifesdailyinspiration One Of My Greatest Memories”

What do you see when you look at my old worn out little bucket? Do you think I need to replace it with a brand new one that is bright and shiny?

Oh no, I can not as this little old bucket is part of my Life’sdailyinspiration.

This bucket represents some of my greatest memories and forever after will retain a special place for cherished family memories.

A Bucket full of Memories

This little bucket is full of memories to me, Please let me explain.

Should someone or something be considered of less value because it’s aged ?

My Grandmother was a saint. A devoted preacher’s wife with 5 children. She was so wise. She would tell my sisters and I, well anyone really, when we were kids” listen to your elders, they have lived, pay attention and learn from their mistakes ”

I have thought of those words so many times In my life, especially as I was finding my path in life.

Those words really became obvious to me when I messed up.

The light at the end of the tunnel

I am a slow learner but eventually I see the light and its usually attached to a train.

Did your Grandmother ever call you sister? Lol. Mine would tell me ” oh sister you drove your ducks to a bad pond ” or ”oh sister walks like a duck, acts like a duck, must be a duck ”

We’ll for some reason for a while I had a really good knack or maybe quack is a better term for seeking all of the bad ducks as I drove to the bad ponds .

Fortunately for me I had great support from both set of grandparents wonderful parents, sisters and brother n laws

I claim my brother in laws as my brothers and often have told my sisters if they ever get divorced I’m keeping my brothers!!!

Respect where has it gone?

We were raised in a time when children said Aunt, Uncle, please, thank you, sir and you earned allowance.

We also knew the beauty of playing outside in the sunshine and if you wanted to make a phone call, guess what, the phone was attached to the wall. Say it ain’t so !

We also knew to give our seat to an elder. It was a given not only to show

.respect but to WANT to be respectful .

And yes we salute the American flag!

Would you ever say” huh ” to your parent?

I know that would had never been thought of at my house.It was a different time .

Getting back to my old little life’s  daily inspirational bucket.

An old used bucket or a priceless memory

You see, to you it may look like just an old used up bucket but to me it’s worth gold.

In fact neither gold nor silver could buy ir from me, not at any price!

I am blessed with a large family wonderful parents with 3 older sisters, my sisters are much older than I.

OK, I lied, my sisters are not that much older, I just love saying that .

Our parents loved to celebrate and have a party every single holiday, literally.A great reason to bring our family together .

Filled to the rim

Mother filled this little old bucket with all of our names close to a 100 or so, with grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc

And she would draw someones name out of this little old bucket .

If the winner was unable to attend the party she would mail them, slow mail, NOT email a hand written card with congratulations for winning the drawing for that said holiday with a little bit of money in it .

Let me tell ya, those cards are priceless!

Mother is now in Heaven with Daddy and I have taken over of the drawing of the names in this little old bucket

It can be a little bitter-sweet and overwhelming with emotion but a tradition that we will carry on .

What are some of your traditions and favorite memories ?

Elaine $ Scarlett

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