Life’s Daily Inspiration by Elaine and Scarlett -Did you sleep well last night? Why not?

What does sleep have to do with inspiration?

It turns out it has a lot to do with inspiration.

How can you be an inspiration or feel inspired if your too darn tired.

Let me ask you a few questions if I may.

Did you sleep well last night? Why not? Did you toss & turn ? Did you have to get up to the bathroom multiple times? Then how did you feel when the alarm clock went off?

What does sleep have to do with inspiration?

So many of us have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep, but never really do anything about it. And it’s hard to muster the inspiration to “seize the day ” when you are running on too little restful sleep. But we often do try to correct the problem with stimulants — caffeine, in my case — and the “vicious cycle ” develops.

Woke up tired; had my coffee & felt okay for a little while; crashed; more coffee or maybe something more creative with overtly suggestive names like “Monster” or “Red Bull”.

Finally, got through the day! Now I’m just pumped to be heading home. That said, yes I think I will have me a cold one. Sit down; shoes off & feet up; ahhhhh!

No little ones anymore. No one counting on me to put a hot meal on the table and about half-way through that beer I’ve drifted away to Neverland or something. Woke myself with a snort; sort of felt like I wasn’t breathing there for a minute!

Well, I’ve had a wee nap. I’ll stretch my legs and mozy into the kitchen to find something to eat. And maybe some good ol’ sweet tea. Geez! It’s eleven o’clock!?! Guess I’ll eat in front of the news, then head to bed. Ooo! There’s still some of that pie left!

Two shootings, one apartment fire with live footage and, sorry guys: something about some big game — baseball, I think– but I really, really don’t care and we’re off to the Tonight Show. Realized my television is still on sometime around a quarter of four. Also, realized I must have kicked the remote off in the floor.

So I try to get back to sleep with this lame infomercial running about Seven Easy Steps To Tighter Abs and there it is again — that snort! And it feels like I was holding my breath! Am I sweating? I AM! I’m soaked! But I am also really tired. I’m just gonna pretend I don’t know what time it is and try to get back to sleep for a bit.

What does sleep have to do with inspiration?

AAARGH!!! The ALARM! It’s time to get up and at ’em! Climb back onto that hamster wheel & do it all again! If I sound angry it’s ’cause I am angry! And tired. I’m tired and angry and there’s nothing I can do about it.

But, isn’t there? Isn’t there something I can do that will make a difference to improve my life? Reading over these past few words I can see several, but the most urgent on my self-improvement radar was this breath-holding, waking up snorting and smothering “thing”. Together with the generally poor eating habits, caffeine and sugar addictions and a — let’s just say it — absence of regular exercise, I was truly a heart attack waiting to happen! Know anybody like that?

What does sleep have to do with inspiration?

I guess I’m a little slow — and it’s a fact that healthcare professionals make lousy patients– so it was a while before I would see a doctor, but when my annual checkup came around I described the aforementioned “thing” to my PCP, who promptly referred me to a Sleep Specialist. This is a field generally managed by either a lung doctor, a brain doctor or both. In my case we chose to pursue the Respiratory specialist first then see where that takes me.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is usually associated with loud snoring, interrupted breathing to the extent that — for a few seconds anyway – the person stops breathing! Of course this doesn’t make them dead, but close, right?

Seemed pretty scary to me, especially when I found out how often I was doing that! The “thing” I had been experiencing was the jolt of my breathing kicking in again.

I was amazed to learn how common sleep apnea is. If you went down your street and could poll ten of your neighbors there’s a very good chance that half or more of those households have some family member with OSA!

It’s been a while now since I started listening to what my body tries to tell me. I’ve been using an airway device called CPAP with fabulous success. Sleeping better has allowed me to require less caffeine throughout the day, which help improve the quality of my sleep. I’ve made some adjustments in my eating habits, but still can do better! I try to eat dinner at least four hours before bedtime, minimizing fluids during this same period; and the TV goes off at bedtime.

What I hope for my readers is to be vigilant about your body. Step back and take a look at your routine; and talk to your doctor when “things” happen! We are an amazing machine, but we must have rest and recovery!

Thank you so much for your time,

Please share your thoughts, and experiences,

Be the Inspiration!

Thank you,

Elaine and Scarlett

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