Life’s Daily Inspiration by Elaine and Scarlett

What inspires you? Or should we say WHO inspires who?

Today we will look at how our pets bring us inspiration,let me re-phrase, how our baby boys bring us inspiration.

Have you ever pondered on how having a pet can inspire ya? Pets can bring so much, joy, warmth and yes inspiration.

We have two Australian Shepard’s.

Jackson is 6 years old, he belongs to me Elaine.

Fred will be 1 in July,he belongs to Scarlett and yes we will be having a party!

At almost one and at 6 years old they both are acutely aware of our needs even when we are not aware.

When my precious Mother went to Heaven,I kinda fell a part. Well, not kinda, I did fall apart.

Don’t get me wrong I have great family, friends and support, their presence and Prayers were powerful.

However, my loyal Jackson would not leave my side.

He was not happy to see me sad. He would jump in my lap and lick my tears away, and literally hug me.

Did it help ? Yes, yes it did. What a loyal friend he is.

With Jackson being six he is on the more laid back side. Oh, he loves to run the hills and still chase squirrels but thank goodness he lets the squirrels run without danger.

He no longer brings them back to me as a prize.

Thank goodness and gross.

Then there is Fred. Oh my gosh. He is like a toddler on steroids. Wide open and full throttle.

Would love to have some energies like that !

I often ask Scarlett , “ who saved who?”

Life’s Daily Inspiration by Elaine and Scarlett
Life’s Daily Inspiration by Elaine and Scarlett

She too was grieving and he brought her out of very low time in her life.

His ever loving presence, wanting to be in her lap or sitting on her feet to show his love and support brought her out of a dark time.

Now their day exist of sharing their meals, what ever Scarlett eats, Fred eats, and is healthy as a horse.

Oh, he loves his blueberries and strawberries.

He literally, seriously,wakes her up every morning with a hug. Arms extended around her neck. How precious is that?

Just pure innocent love without an agenda. Guess what? He offers it again and again, every single day regardless,

What a way to start your day. Would you not agree?

And his / their favorite activities is all about his toys, fetch, repeat, and fetch and going for walks.

As I am writing this Jackson is asleep right by me,lying in his bed.

I love listening to his breathing, He brings me so much joy, peace, and warmth.

He loves me unconditionally and he shows me this every single day just like Fred does to Scarlett.

What if we were more like our 4 legged friends?

Some are even three-legged but they show their loyalty just the same.

But what if we shared their values and character?

Meaning accept people as they are, be more forgiving and just willing to love ya as we are.

How refreshing would that be ? Dogs do not hold grudges. They forgive immediately.

Can you imagine how much kinder, easier life would be?

I know I was mad at someone, I won’t say her name but it starts with S and ends with a T, ha

I think you know who, but 24 hrs later I was still mad but could NOT remember why and I sure could not ask her !

How ridiculous is that ? Go ahead and say it “ Very” Thank goodness we got past it , but you see my point.

I guess the expression “ the world is going to the dogs means something so different to me now, how about you?

Will you share with us who inspires you?

We thank you in advance !

Elaine and Scarlett – bow wow

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