Life’s daily inspiration -Scarlett and I are trying our best

Why is it important to want to be a Life’s daily inspiration ?

Scarlett and I are doing our best to be an inspiration for ourselves so we can be an inspiration to others.

So today we say “Be careful what you affirm,”

Affirm or not to affirm

What the heck does the term affirm mean?

Why does it even matter?

Whoa said the horse ! It matters a heck of a lot !

There are many definitions found regarding the word affirm.

My favorite is “to tell with confidence,to aver, to maintain as true”

Since we are well stuck with our selves 24/7 lol,

Does it not make sense that we need to protect our selves from our selves?

If someone came up to me and was always negative, glass half empty kind of attitude, I could focus on everything positive in our life’s or I could join in and drink the Kool Aide.


I could immediately flip it, protect my self and begin affirming good things, that do exist,even if things were not as good as I would like, I could focus on what and how good it’s gonna be when things are better.

Life’s daily inspiration Scarlett and I are trying our best.
Life’s daily inspiration Scarlett and I are trying our best.

I know life happens, we all have triggers, an aroma, or a song pops up and makes you think of that ex!#”!!#*its gonna happen oh heck yes!

What do you do with those not so pleasant thought’s huh?

Do they control you, consume you, and just pull you down?

OK, we know life throws us hiccups, but we gotta know how to respond yes?

Back to affirm. Its crucial to stay focused.

Yes it might stink at the moment, validate your self and move on.

Affirm the good in your life at this very moment.

Say out loud how blessed you are.

Affirm you are in control, of how you respond to life, and how positive things are coming your way.

Don’t you appreciate being around positive folks?

I know we do! Attitudes are contagious !

Good or bad and we choose good.

Scarlett and I would love to learn from you.

Please share with us how you are an inspiration to others, and how you turn a negative into a positive.

Thank you in advance,

Elaine and Scarlett

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