Life’s Daily Inspiration with Passion

Life’s Daily Inspiration with Passion!

Life’s daily inspiration with passion
Life’s daily inspiration with passion

Scarlett and I thrive to be an inspiration daily and to encourage others to be an inspiration to others as well.

Which got me thinking.

How do people really see me ?

Or better yet do they want to see me?

Yikes that reply could really jack up ones ego huh?

Are people glad when I leave the room or enter the room?

Coming in a room or exiting a room can be good or bad. Would you not agree?

Have you ever looked forward to seeing someone because you knew without a doubt it would a positive interaction?

You could count on them to be uplifting and just darn encouraging.

I want to be that person.I don’t mean to sound Pollyanna or if my head is in the sand.

I know very well life can be hard.

I still want to be the person that can find good when it’s not always that easy.

The flip side of this scenario would be the person that walks in the room and you hope and pray she/he does not descend upon you.

Like you would rather volunteer to have a tooth extracted.

You just want to be invisible because you know,that you know,that person is going to be negative, and find fault with anything that is being said.

Some people love to bring you down because they are miserable.

If they can’t be happy then by gosh they don’t want you happy.

Sadly they are often contagious with their attitude.

Sometimes it’s learned behavior and they can’t find their way out of this vicious cycle.

And sometimes people do not want you to succeed.

Perhaps they have fear of failing or they have been told they can’t succeed or worse do not deserve to succeed.

For what ever reason they are being held back.

No one knows what is going on behind close doors.

People hurt every day.

You know the expression” hurt people hurt people”

Scarlett and I want to be encouragers.

We want to bring a lite into someone’s life.

We ask if someone , be it a stranger or a loved one, lashes out at you, please pause, and think maybe something else is going on here .

Maybe just don’t respond. It is ok to remain silent.

They do not need us to jump back on them or add fuel to their hurt.

What would be the purpose?Absolutely nothing positive that I can think of would happen.

However, if we respond by saying nothing ( yes nonverbal counts) or sharing words of kindness, we can really and genuinely help others one occurrence at a time.

I think we have all been hurt, made to feel less than, alone and if we didn’t matter to anyone.

How sad and lonely.It’s a horrible horrible feeling. Cuts to the core.

I remember years ago I made a comment to someone that I adored. I thought I was being silly, with my comment and I just KNEW that he would think it was funny.

Oh my gosh, his expression clearly immediately told me he did not.

He began crying and shared some horrible things with me regarding his personal life .” I hit way too close to home “

I apologized profusely, I never meant to hurt him. Ever!

Guys that was over 40 years ago, and it still hurts to this day that I hurt him.

Again we do not know what goes on behind closed doors do we ?

Will you please help us share light and be an inspiration to others?

Life’s daily inspiration with passion
Life’s daily inspiration with passion

It does not cost a dime,it’s calorie free,and it makes ya feel like a million.

What or how have you helped someone this week by being kind?

Will you share your story with us?

Thank you so much for your time and we hope this has been helpful.

Elaine and Scarlett

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