Searching for my life’s daily inspiration

Somedays I can’t find my Life’s Daily Inspiration

Hello everyone it’s Elaine,

Can we admit some days are easier than others to find that “life’s daily inspiration?”

Oh it’s easy to speak and be inspired when things are going easily. That is just well,easy breezy.

Today the skies are blue, I was able to zip my jeans without having to lie on the bed and use a string to pullllll, don’t judge me ha.

And so far I have only lost my keys once today. So yes I’m feeling like I’m having a life’s daily inspiration today.

But, (you know when there is a BUT, )it’s coming with a negative.

Two weeks ago was a hard day and it kept getting worse. I had to take My best,best, friend Scarlett back to the hospital again. It seems we have been on a revolving door since February.

We get one thing fixed and five other things go wrong.

We are both in the medical field for decades and we have seen a lot. But, there is that word again.

It’s hard being the patient and the family of the patient. My,have the roles changed for us both.It ain’t pretty.

This last time I took Scarlett to the Emergency Room was just as scary as last. Watching her struggle was horrible and I am certain it was harder on her.

Then began the hours, days of test, labs, repeat test, repeat labs, add this medicine, oh no, stop that medicine as she had an adverse effect.

Then the beginning of mixed messages.

“Let’s hang some blood, that will make you feel stronger,to, we don’t know why you do not feel better from your transfusion “as Scarlett was told by the medical staff.

Different medicines adjusted and new medicines added.

Then days of “Let’s give meds time to do its thing “

Meanwhile Scarlett is getting weaker,frustrated, and not that she would admit it,I think somewhat depressed.

I know I was feeling those emotions and a lot others.

I missed being able to just hang with Scarlett,the healthy Scarlett. The days were we would just hop in a car and go play. Movie, gambling, shopping, anywhere,just GO!

No 02, no wheelchair, no breathing treatments or waiting on her to be able to breathe.

Scarlett keeps telling me “ this breathing thing has been a lifelong habit that she wants to keep”ha

But No, heck no, I have not been feeling inspired and my goal has always been as a child to inspire others as my precious parents always were to my 3 sisters and I, and anyone in their reach.

Scarlett is struggling, and she KNOWS it.

She is highly educated and knows, sees, and feels how her body is declining.

How can I inspire her without patronizing her?

I remembered a simple nugget, a pearl of wisdom that my precious Daddy taught me as a young girl.

Are you ready ? “ Learn when to not speak , it speaks Volumes “ I have found this to be so true.

Sometimes the stillness and calm is stronger than any comment that could be made.

That was my inspiration for Scarlett and I believe with all my heart it did inspire.

Scarlett is tough as they come, or is she, is what I was thinking as she lay in that darn hospital bed.

We all have fears and doubt do we not ?

So, yes some days it’s harder than others to want to be an inspiration for others and our selves .

How do you navigate those said days, will you share with us ?

Thank you much in advance.

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