What is a Life’s Daily Inspiration to YOU?

What is a Life’s Daily Inspiration to YOU?

Life’s daily inspiration to me means many different things and at different times .

Different seasons can make a change in my opinion of what a life’s daily inspiration is as well.

You know what I mean?

Think about it, we have soooo many hats to wear in 24 hours, and experts report that we have 60,OOO to 80,000 thoughts a day!

Let me repeat that, experts report that we have 60,OOO to 80,000 thoughts a day!

Is that not staggering to you? Geeez talk about overload city!

Oh it gets crazier!

Check this out. It has been researched even further, as many as 98 percent of these thoughts are exactly the same thoughts that we had the day before.

Say what??? That’s a lot of REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT INFORMATION,,,,,,,,,,


Eighty percent of our thoughts are NEGATIVE and we just keep revisiting these ugly thoughts over and over! Yikes and Yikes again!

Interesting fact here, it’s across the board. Meaning regardless of age or culture we have these thoughts, it proves to be a human component. Yep we are human.

So begs the question of why ,oh why, do we have these negative thoughts? Are we never happy or grateful people?

Make it stop!

I would rather we be focusing on those positive life’s daily inspiration thoughts. Wouldn’t you?

How did this happen?

The world shrinks or expands according to one’s courage .” Anais Nin

So let’s break it down this way.

These negative thoughts will and do pop up. Period. That’s reality.

Maybe a song, an aroma, or watching a commercial can trigger a thought.

Poof there it is, you didn’t ask for it , it’s just shows up uninvited. My gosh I have had things pop up from 20 years ago.

There are many thoughts and research why we have these negative thoughts.

It ranges from self-protection, shame, guilt, fear of the unknown, and lack of control.

For the sake of this article may we focus on how to deal with this vs why ? (This will be revisited)

These are some tips that help me and I hope they help you as well.

When I have negative thoughts I remind myself that I need a brain shampoo!

I know it sounds simplistic but it helps me!

And it goes without saying Rinse, and repeat!

If you are having those darn negative thoughts, think how you would respond to a friend if he/she said those comments to you.

If you do get stuck in that negative moment and feel you must must must revisit it , put your self on a timer. Seriously ! It’s our brain. 5- 10 minutes and no more.

Do not feed the beast! It serves NO purpose.

I love the word “replace.” The definition of replace is “ take the place of”

For every negative thought , immediately replace with a positive one, multiple times!

Squash it squash it and squash it.

Sometimes if I’m in a meeting and can’t remove myself from the meeting I dance a jig in my head. Did that make you laugh? I hope so.

I dare ya to try it and please let me know if it helps. Seriously please do.

Getting back to the original question

What is a life’s Daily Inspiration to you?

Will you please take a moment to share some with us?

We would love to hear them and pass them along to others.

Elaine and Scarlett

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