Life’s daily inspiration “For Everything There is A Season”


Life’s daily inspiration “For Everything There is A Season”

I was sitting home having a quiet day just thinking about my life.

Out of the blue a memory just popped in my brain probably because I was looking at pictures from days long gone by. Those photo’s are today’s lifesdailyinspiration.

I haven’t done that in years, it’s always fun but I hate pulling out the photo boxes like everyone else.

Inside those boxes are reminders of fun times, sad times, vacations, different time capsules in time represented in photo form. They inspire me to take more photos but, as we get older we seem to get lax in that area or at least I do.

Even the way we took pictures has evolved from Polaroid instant photo’s to what Now is the old style camera’s with interchangeable lens and different speeds of film to Now is the awesome photo’s made on cell phone and iPads, and other devices.

Chasing Rabbits

Now that I’ve fully chased that rabbit down the hole, we move on to today’s inspiration.

One of the first pictures I came across was of my youngest niece

Kelly she was 1 week old in those photo’s. And holding up a ragged eared stuffed rabbit while wearing adorable little pint sized overalls. She wasn’t much bigger than than the rabbit l gave her those many years ago. I actually laughed out load from that fond memory. Kelly is Now is 28 years old. Thanks to that photo I will forever have that memory.

And then I came across several photo’s of my dad. At seventeen in is Navy uniform. And one of him at a cookout with all the family around him. These were fond memories as well as sad memories.

Dad my hero, is no longer here to physically encourage and inspire me. But, his memory will stay with me forever. And will be whispering you got this, you can do anything you set your mind to. Learn how to do what you don’t know how to do.

Next I came across my older brother Carl and I, sitting together outside at my Aunts house playing with our cousins in the dirt with multiple matchbox cars (can anyone else relate) Carl and I and cousin Sherrie, Dannie, Bobby,and Harold, we had made roads in the dirt made cardboard boxes into houses and businesses. Even made stop signs out of sticks and paper! As kids back then there were no video games and you didn’t sit in front of television all day.

You went out played with whatever was at hand. Another memory thought of because of my photo box. Along with realization that Bobby and Harold are no longer here so those pictures and memories are priceless Now is.

I came across pictures were my nieces and nephew went to grade school, high school graduation photo’s. College graduation as Valedictorian and full ride scholarships. Where,they married in beautiful gowns. Pictures of them and their family’s grown up Now is. It was so much fun seeing all those pictures and memories captured, like time capsules of life’s daily inspiration in photo’s.

My trip down memory lane brought out photo’s of wood planters made like swans, flamingo’s ducks cutouts to hang on front gates at the house. Some I had actually forgotten Father Time has a way of doing that to us all sooner or later.

I had photo’s of vacations to Mexico, Jamaica, Canada, to name just a few.

And last but, not least I found countless photo’s of patients dear sweet saints gone onto glory Now is. There Hugh smile glowing back at inspiring me. To keep on keeping on. To encourage and be here for others through the pages of my life. Making the most of every day. While stopping to smell the roses of life, remembering that the roses of life have thorns.

Thank you for reading with Elaine and I to today. We would love to hear your comments.

Look through the photo’s of your life, do they inspire you?

“Onward Til’ Upward”

Scarlett and Elaine

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