All in a life’s Daily Inspiration Challenge

All in a life's daily inspiration challenge
All in a life’s daily inspiration challenge
All in a life's daily inspiration challenge
All in a life’s daily inspiration challenge
All in a life's daily inspiration challenge
All in a life’s daily inspiration challenge

All in a life’s Daily Inspiration Challenge

Life’s daily inspiration is a mouth full wouldn’t you say?

So here we are again talking about life’s daily inspiration and what the heck does that mean?

Well let us give you an update on who we are with the intention of inspiring you and many others with our hospice journey and every day life’s inspirational moments.

We are Elaine and Scarlett. We have been best friends for years.

We have been in the medical field for over 30 years. Our passion has been caring for Hospice patients’.

Is it hard?Of course! Do we get attached to patients’ and or the family members? Yes, honestly at times we do.

In medical training, we are taught not to get attached and to have those personal boundaries. Boundaries have their place and purpose, we get it, we respect it, however we are human after all.

I mean think about it. We are in their homes, their surroundings, their pictures, and their everyday life. We meet the kids, grandkids, neighbors, pastor, in-laws and yes even the

We are there when they decorate for holidays and even at times will have coffee or tea with them.

We listen to their favorite stories, memories, and we can even recite some of them ourselves because we have heard them so many times.

Scarlett and I have taken care of many, many patients’ family members thru the years, .First the wife, then the husband or vice Versa, to the uncles and aunts etc. The trust has always been there.

What a compliment, to be trusted and to have the opportunity to walk with them.

Scarlett and I consider this to be sacred.

To say they give us inspiration is an understatement. We are blessed and inspired by them every time we walk in their home.

Every home and every family presents different examples of their unique inspiration.

We had a patient, we will call Bill for privacy reasons. Now, mind you I / Elaine was very green, a newbie if you will to the medical field and first out of school seeing patients’.

Bill had retired 5 years ago from the Post Office after working 40 years as a mail carrier.

All in a life's daily inspiration challenge
All in a life’s daily inspiration challenge

We learned later that he loved to say “ I always deliver”

Upon our initial visit with Bill, he proudly stated” I would like to introduce you to my 2, yes 2 wives with a huge grin on his face.

He pointed to a very curvy beautiful blonde. She introduced her self as Wife # 1 aka Shelia.

Shelia then introduced us to wife #2 aka Maria.

She too was beautiful. Interestingly how opposite the wives were?  Maria was a tall willowy woman with long straight auburn hair.

Shelia was very outgoing and appeared to me that she would be the one that would be called the life of the party.

Maria to me came across almost timid and fragile.

Boy, let me tell ya, I was so incorrect. So incorrect. 

Do not judge a book by its cover.

Scarlett, of course, being Scarlett had their personalities correctly figured out.

We will give you the juice on that later.

Oh, he was handsome with his clean-shaven face, silver hair, olive colored skin, wearing a blue robe just made his bright blue eyes pop and shine. And he knew it.

He proudly stated “ my wife number got me cleaned, shaven and dressed this morning so I could meet my death team”

Well ok then, I was thinking to myself on the inside.

I was not certain how to reply nor could I pull up in my memory bank ever discussing this type of scenario in school.

Before that long awkward moment occurred, where it’s quite and ya really don’t have a clue of an appropriate reply, about 15 friends came in and the conversation shifted.

I was glad the conversation shifted but on the other hand, I wanted to explore his comment regarding the death team AND how do we have the two wives? But how do ya revisit these topics?

Again I was very green so was Scarlett but I was the greenest. We never brought up the 2 wife’s arrangement again but we did revisit the death team comment.

Thirty plus years later we know we would have addressed both topics with a mature, respectful, and professional manner. As we would have been able to utilize our skill sets they we have learned thru the years.

When we asked Bill about what “ the death team meant to him he sweetly described it this way.

“ Oh, sweetheart I say that to kinda break the ice for all of us and more importantly it’s my way of preparing my wife’s for my demise. Just a friendly,  gentle nudge of what’s really going on “

As months went by as Scarlett and I would care for Bill, we saw how well Bill and his wife are so lovingly cared and respected one another.

Bill explained how blessed a life he had, wonderful vacations, nice cars, and great health all these years until 6 months ago it all changed when he was diagnosed with Cancer.

He chose to not begin chemo and radiation but to be with “ his girls”

Of all the wonderful things in his life, “ he treasured Shelia and Maria for their love, compassion and most of all forgiveness”

One day Scarlett and I were having coffee with Bill and he started laughing, this was 2 weeks before he passed.

He said “ you two have been coming in our home for 8 months and you guys have never put us on the spot and asked about our husband/wife arrangement.

Oh, you guided us with wonderful education and funeral arrangements ever so gently but respected us and our choices without judgment.

You did not disrespect us and we appreciated it but Damn y’alls expressions when I introduced y’all to my wife’s was priceless. I mean damn.

Yall were saved by the bell when our friends interrupted, oh it was comical. I have really enjoyed how awkward that was for y’all, sorry but true.”

Shelia and Maria both said at the same time “ it’s time to tell them how we three became best friends and where our titles came from.”

Are you sitting down?

Well, Bill took it from there with tears in his not so bright blue eyes.

You see said Bill In a weakened voice, “ I want to share how awesome these two women are thru Prayer and their willingness to forgive, we were all able to heal.

I married Maria and after 20 wonderful years, I had an affair with Shelia. Shelia was only 18. Yes legally speaking she was an adult but she was just a child. I was the adult, I knew what I was doing and I knew it was wrong; enough said.

I was prepared to stop the affair and come clean with Maria. She deserved to know and I deserved to be kicked to the curb. Shelia also deserved someone decent in her young life and clearly, it was not me.

I called Shelia to tell her we needed to talk but it went to her voicemail and as bad as a person as I was I could not end the relationship via voicemail.

So I went home to come clean with Maria.

I didn’t see Maria’s car in the driveway so I decided to call Shelia back again and attempt to get this over with.

As I am walking in my living room calling Shelia I hear Sheila’s cell ringing, and then I literally see her cell lying on the kitchen table.

There are no words to describe how I felt. None!

The reason Shelia did not answer my call the first time was that she was at the doctor’s office to confirm that she was pregnant with my child.

She came to our house to tell Maria herself.

It was extreme courage for Shelia to deliver the news to Maria.

Courage did not stop there. It was only the beginning by a long shot.

Shelia came from an abusive home and when they found out she was with child they threw her out and disowned her literally.

I will cut to the chase! The short version of events.

Maria threw me to the curb, no blame for that at all, and then the unbelievable -she brought Shelia into our home. She took her to every MD appt and was present when she delivered my son.

Maria and I did get divorced, and then I married Shelia when our son was 3 years old. Then we divorced when he was 6 years old.

Maria and Shelia are best friends and they and our son remained in the family home.

When I became ill, both Shelia and Maria invited me back to the family home where they can care for me and allow me to pass here with my not so traditional family, but completely my family where the four of us remain.

Maria and Shelia both smiled and said to him in unison” to death do us part”

All in a life's daily inspiration challenge
All in a life’s daily inspiration challenge

What strength and ability to forgive and pull together. We will never forget this family. I mistook

Maria’s willowy quite personality’as being timid.

Boy,  was I wrong!

Scarlett and I hope this family has inspired you or challenged you in some kinda way.

We would really appreciate if you would share how this story or another story has inspired or challenged you!

Thank you in advance and then some,

Elaine and Scarlett

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Broken Table Leg

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Broken table Leg
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Broken table Leg

 ”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Broken Table Leg

We will call him  Brian out of respect for his privacy. Brian was in his mid-sixties. I don’t remember his exact age.He was a” life’s daily inspiration”to all who saw him.

  Because every day of his life was a trial. He had Parkinson’s disease and experienced non stop motion in his arms, legs and even trunk area even with the medicines for treatment.

   An example is one afternoon he was maneuvering his electric wheelchair with his right hand.

His constant movements were really bad on this day. Causing his hand and arm to shoot out and forward. Unfortunately, the table was in his path.

The momentum was such he rammed into the table and broke a table leg clean off. Thankfully he was not hurt badly just bruised up pretty good.

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Broken table Leg
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Broken table Leg

I called the medical supply place to come and adjust the speed to a lower power to slow it down and to add a seatbelt (like a car seatbelt).Brian just laughed and commented how he never liked that table. And it was good riddance to bad rubbish!

   I’m fairly certain my reaction had it has been me, wouldn’t have been a ”life’s daily inspiration” to anyone.                                                                         

   He also experienced the staring off into space another symptom of Parkinson’s disease. Therefore turning him in bed was very difficult.

Parkinson’s patients can become very stiff and unable to help themselves or the caregiver. To turn over or dress. or even hold their arms up.

  He loved to talk about his travel and was a brilliant man. At least I had come to think so. He would talk about his trips and make you feel as if you were there. Whether it was in Europe or in the states. His attention to detail was awesome. I always felt inspired and yet, even encouraged to go there.

   He loved to play cards and read books about anything. History was his favorite passion. National Geographic magazine was another. He had 2 stacks higher than my head.

   Early one morning he told me he couldn’t read anymore. Do you mind me asking why? He said, ‘I just can’t hold it anymore to shaky.”

  We fixed that problem  by ordering a book holder and it worked brilliantly for a good while.

   Then one day, I went to see him, he was still in bed.

Not like Brian at all. Who got up every day and insisted that he get dressed. This was so not normal and I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I reached his room. I called out Brian and stuck my head around the corner looking in.

  What I saw brought tears to my eyes as healthcare people we try to not get attached. Needless to say, some people just touch you down deep.

   Brian had become unresponsive and was just staring off into

space. He was trapped in a body that wouldn’t respond. He couldn’t talk. One of his favorite joys in life now gone. Reading another favorite pastime was now gone. All his meals now had to be pureed. No more playing cards.

   Brian passed away 2 weeks later. He had videotaped his own eulogy.

Asking everyone not to feel sorry for him he was already in his heavenly home. And was probably looking at all of us down here. While standing on his own two feet. No braces, no wheelchair, no handicap device’s of any kind in his new place of residence.

  He told everyone in that video if anyone told them he was dead not to believe it. Although he was gone from this earthly home, he had moved and just changed his place of residence from this earthly body and his old address on earth to his new heavenly body and home.


  Elaine and I being in Hospice for over 70 years combined. 

We’ve seen first-hand patients who have been helped by different medicines. Some conventional some not. We are advocates of 

Medical Marijuana because it does work. And for CBD oil which is readily available and legal for everyone. If you are interested in checking it out.


  He was still encouraging others in his new home that was just who Brian was and is.

Please leave us a comment below if you enjoyed this article.

Many Blessings,

Scarlett and Elaine





“Life’s Daily Inspiration” In A Friend Named Gi Gi

Life’s Daily Inspiration in Gi-Gi
Life’s Daily Inspiration

“Life’s Daily Inspiration”  A friend named  Gi Gi

“Funny Motivational Quote”

“If you can be inspirational and hilarious at the same time, you’re really on to something”


Eight or nine years ago I had a hospice patient we will call for the sake of privacy Ms. Ida Bell.

She probably weighed 100 lbs soak and wet. Approximately 5 feet tall, a very small lady with a great big heart.

And oh, what a “life’s daily inspiration” she was.

Ms. Ida Bell had  Congestive Heart Failure   and was on Oxygen 24/7 and ate licorice sticks. Yuck! I wasn’t inspired to try it.

Ms. Ida Bell had a knack for making everyone laugh.

She could tell the corniest jokes. The jokes weren’t usually the funny part. Not that they were bad jokes. They probably would have been funny except, Ms. Ida Bell never got the punch line right. But that never stopped her. She’d just say, “Oh I can’t remember the way it went but it’s close enough. You get what I mean. And she would just laugh it off.

Everyone has a gift and I feel sure one of hers was the gift of encouragement.

She would quote that old saying “Where there is a will” and then change the next part to-“the Lord will make a way.” Just another example of being a living “ life’s daily inspiration.”

Ms. Ida Bell loved her car,  like you and I love our family. It was a part of her family she said. She affectionately named her car Gi Gi.

Which she told every one it stood for “Grocery Getter”

As she progressed with dementia she would  ask If Gi Gi was alright like it was a person? Gi Gi was very important and inspiring to her.

One cold winter day she asked,

 did Gi-Gi start this morning? I told her, “just like a top first try.”

Gi Gi wasn’t even there . Her  daughter-in-law had taken  the care to their home. Guess that was a “life’s daily inspiration” on my part my answer satisfied her for a while.

She was watching the weather . She liked the Fox News which repeats itself.( about every two hours.)

Later that same afternoon she said (Andy) she nick named me Andy .

I have no clue why she chose that name , only the Lord knows. One day maybe I’ll ask her why. But, I answered her yes, Ms. Ida Bell?

She said,  “ I think I’ll take Gi Gi for a little drive please get my coat.”

The best way to handle dementia is by redirecting their thoughts elsewhere. So I said, feeling quite pleased with myself. “Ms Gi-Gi I don’t think you can even get to the main roads with all the snow on the ground and we’re expecting 4 or 5 inches today.”(The 4 or 5 inch prediction was true at least) she sat perfectly still just a minute.

Then answered “well tarnation”

This is another old saying. “I guess were grounded but did you put GI-GI’s cover on her I do not want her getting chilled out there.” Of course I did , I told her .

Not missing a beat she said, “Andy where’s Charles , is he still out in this the weather?”

Oh, no Ms. Ida Bell he’s out back working in his workshop, I replied

“Well, don’t let him stay out there to long.”

Her husband Charles had been dead over two years. At  that time.

In her mind it was yesterday and he was still with her.

What a dementia patient or Alzheimer’s patient can’t think up. Just can’t be made  up.

We had many such cute little exchanges, but this story is one of my favorites.

A few days latter Ms. Ida said, “I gotta new joke for you.”I replied, you do? where did you get it? One of your church friends tell it to you? No, she said, “I made it up.”

You did? When?” just now.”

Okay let’s hear it.

“What’s green/white and black and goes everywhere?”

While telling her joke she is cackling like a chicken.

Tickled at her own totally flat joke.

Let’s see, I have no clue?

“It’s Gi Gi silly” as she kept laughing ridiculously. The joke about Gi Gi wasn’t funny at all to me, but to her it was the bomb!

Her laughter sounded just like a chicken had laid an egg. Now that, I thought was funny. The harder I laughed the more she laughed and the more she laughed, the more I laughed. It was a win-win.

The rest of the day I would laugh thinking about it and she would say “what  is so funny, you got a joke for me?”

Which tickled my funny bone all over again. I guess you just had to be there. Sometimes her little jokes were funny, sometimes they were cute.

The one thing you could always count on was that chicken laugh of hers , sounding like laying an egg in the telling. She got such joy in sharing her jokes, and the listener got joy from her.

  Elaine and I being in Hospice for over 70 years combined. 

We’ve seen first-hand patients who have been helped by different medicines. Some conventional some not. We are advocates of 
Medical Marijuana because it does work. And for CBD oil which is readily available and legal for everyone. If you are interested in checking it out.


Thanks for stopping by. What makes you laugh? Please leave your comments below.

Elaine and Scarlett