”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In My Beanie Baby

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In My Beanie Baby

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In My Beanie Baby
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In My Beanie Baby

If you’ve read our about us page on this site you already know we write about many topics. We write about Hospice stories from our past.

  About things, we have seen and experienced through our life’s journey. Both the good the bad and the sad. Hence the name ”Life’s Daily Inspiration” 

   This article is about my cat Beanie he was a real ham of a cat. He loved playing or more aptly torturing me. He was named after a beanie baby with a sunflower dress and a bonnet on. 

   Which was funny all by itself to look at this big 24 lb cat. Yep, 24 you read that correctly a big kitty.

  With a big personality to match it.

 The name Beanie means little devil and it fit him to a Tee. 

   I could be sound asleep and if Beanie decided at 3 in the morning he wanted attention. He would lick my face first then when that didn’t work.

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In My Beanie Baby
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In My Beanie Baby

He meows real pitiful. Lol, no kidding. Then he would step over my neck with his front paws and fall down across my throat. Uh-oh, remember he was 24 lbs. No, sleeping through that. Not a ”life’s daily inspiration” 

  So he got exactly what he wanted his ears rubbed, his belly scratched and talked to like a child.

  Which only encouraged Beanie to try the same tactics the next time he wanted attention. I guess you could say he was inspired to try it till it worked.

   Beanie also had a few other bad habits I, as his human servant encouraged I guess you would say.

   Of course, everyone knows dogs have masters. Cats have staff. Oh, boy is that saying true. 

   My friend once laughingly told me if he was 2 inches tall his old dog Springer would probably lick him to death. While my cat Beanie, if I was 2 inches tall, would definitely eat me. After torturing me first.

   His all-time favorite was getting what he wanted to eat on any given day. How, you might ask? 

  I always kept dry cat food down and water. What a joke. He knew and I knew it was for the occasional haft to meal. Like when mom was out of the house.

  He knew I bought canned Tuna in water just for him. And that I kept it in a bottom cabinet. And that treats were in a cookie jar on the counter.

And he was absolutely forbidden from my counters. But, he could stare at that spot on the kitchen counter.  And sit in front of that lower cabinet like a statue. Waiting on his staff person to assist him in the object of his heart’s desire.

    Beanie was diagnosed with a megacolon when he was about a year old. Beanie had been hit by a car and taken to the vet I use. For treatment and adoption. Which was probably the reason for the hourglass-shaped colon.

   He was such a handful they had a picture of an Alligator on the cover of his chart. Lol, what a stinker. At first, he didn’t even want to be petted instead he would bite me. 

 Unfortunately, I’m as stubborn as he was mean. So first I would wear leather gloves. And then I started putting peppermint on them and he quit biting.

  But from the start, he would sleep at my feet at night. So I knew he was just misunderstood. 

Almost immediately within weeks, he had to have his colon removed. Cats can live long lives if properly cared for without a colon.


”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In My Beanie Baby
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In My Beanie Baby

  He quickly learned I could make him feel better with the meds. And then he’d get pampered meaning Tuna and treats.  Being a very smart cat he quickly adapted. He started letting me pet him. 

 I bought him one of the laser toys and that was the beginning of a twenty-two-year relationship. He would chase that red laser light till he would drop on all fours. Exhausted but happy. 

   He became a beloved family member and we were inseparable. He acted more like a dog when I called him he would come running. He would even let me dress him up like the Easter Bunny.

Which was totally hilarious a cat with bunny ears in a basket full of Easter eggs. 

  One of those memories I will forever cherish.

   Elaine and I hope you have enjoyed our story from a page in our daily life. Please leave us a comment below. Tell us about your animals.


”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

One of my favorite pastimes has always been fishing. Give me a rod and reel a little tackle and I am ready. Now if I’m gonna stay all day, I want

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing
”Life’s Daily Inspiration”

cheese and crackers, a bottle of water or two and a good book for when

they’re not biting. Now that’s a ”life’s daily inspiration” I always enjoy. Rain or shine.


Which every person who’s ever been fishing has experienced. But, no matter it’s a time to think on the problems of the world.

Or just chill out and watch the mosquito’s buzz by, or the dragonflies glide through the air. 


Those of you who think fishing is boring are just plain wrong. Nothing is more relaxing or fun to me than a day spent fishing. Unless it’s two days

spent fishing.

I’ve gone to Alabama to my camper many a

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

weekend to fish. To renew my ” life’s daily inspiration”

Cleaning and frying outdoors what you catch with some homemade hush puppies and coleslaw. Wow. Usually, that involves several of us participating. 


Somehow I always get to fry fish, I have my dads cast iron pot it has 3 legs and holds about 2 gallons,

It’s actually referred to as a kettle and has a cast iron lid. Which makes the best-fried fish ever, my favorite is channel catfish. I’ve had the privilege or misfortune to clean as many as 100 fish at once. 


Not bad if they are 3 to 5 lbs each but, if there brim or bluegill well, not everyone knows how to fillet them little fellers.

We fillet everything so no bones are involved.


I’m gonna brag, a little breaded and deep-fried fish is killer. You have to be

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

southern I think to know how to fry good fish.  With a little dab of cayenne pepper and fresh ground cornmeal, a little flour mixed in salt and pepper is key.

As is dipping the fish in egg and buttermilk then rolling in cornmeal mixture and putting in boiling oil. 

It usually takes less than three minutes. Yummy stuff. 

Now that being said, if the fish smell fishy throw it out. Fresh fish is never smelly when freshly caught.  The same holds true for mouth-watering fresh 

Oysters to fry. Just an FYI you’re local Walmart has oysters in a vacuumed sealed container which makes them a great choice with your fish fry. 

Just crumble up 2 packs of Krispy crackers, add pepper and spices. Dip oysters in scrambled egg mixture. Dredge oysters repeating twice and deep fry till golden.


My hush puppies are made with 80% cornmeal 20% flour and bell pepper

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In Gone fishing

diced fine.1 whole bunch of green onions or 1 medium purple onion. Diced small. Buttermilk and 1 egg. Roll them out on a spoon and drop them in the kettle.


Our cookouts always involved cooking, horseshoes, crochet, and a 30-minute fishing rodeo. The winner gets to opt out of clean up and pick the next play date and where the camping takes place. 


Every one of us has things they will always remember as near and dear to our heart. Fishing with my Mom up until she was 92 years of age and her dragging in those big channel catfish is among my most treasured memories. 

Oh, I had to bait and cast it the last couple of years. But, I counted that as a joy, not an aggravation.


Same goes for when she got to where she couldn’t take them off of the hook. So yours truly did that as well. 

But, the talks between fishing, some time over silly memories, sometimes totally childlike stuff and some made up as Mom had Alzheimer’s the last few years. 

However, she never forgot the love of fishing. In May she turned 93 yrs old on her birthday and  I rented a cottage on the water and took her fishing.  I’m so proud I did that. She wanted a fishing trip one more time.


In August she went home to her new heavenly home. She always told me when I got to heaven to check out the River of life cause she was planning to spend her days fishing. I USE TO SAY HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU’LL BE FISHING?  She would always answer the Lords gonna give me the desire of my heart and that’s fishing.

She would promise me she would keep a line in for me. 

She also said that she and Dad would be waiting for a heavenly fish fry. 

Now I feel sure once she saw her Savior’s face her desires changed. But, I love the story still.

Thanks for reading with us today we hope you enjoyed our family life memory and if so, please leave us a comment below.

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In How Not Live Your Life

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In How Not Live Your Life
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In How Not Live Your Life

 ”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In How Not Live Your Life

This ”Life’s Daily  Inspiration” is about my Dear Great Aunt. She was Hospice the last months of her life.

She had Congestive Heart Failure and very bad lungs. Although she had never been a smoker in her life. My family has its share of bad genetics. 

  She also had fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and last but, not least Polymyalgia.

Anyone of which is truly horrible and she was blessed or cursed with them all.  Not a ”life’s daily inspiration” any of them.


Aunt Lonnie was not your typical sweet little old lady. She had NOT aged gracefully. She was to be very blunt MEAN but I loved her. 

I remembered her from when I was 12 or 13 as being loving and kind and very giving.


Aunt Lonnie had, like many of us made some poor life choices but were great choices economically.

However, they cost her far too much in happiness and joy. They killed her love of life.


She married my Uncle Jim as a young woman. She was just out of the Army as a Nurse.

They quickly had problems that according to my Great Aunt were always Uncle Jim’s fault. But, to be fair I never remember my Aunt taking responsibility for anything. It was always someone else’s fault or doing.


She had fallen in love with a Major in the Army and by her own account, a jewel of a man and a Doctor. They were engaged to be married after the war. 

The war ended and plans were made for the wedding and life was perfect for my Aunt till that fateful day.

When the call came that her Major had been killed in a car wreck. He survived the war only to die in a horrific car wreck. 


3 months later she married Uncle Jim. Not really loving him as she had the Major, but he was gone. So she thought why not? He’s a nice enough guy. 


What a mistake, that forever became his fault. but, wasn’t. It was all hers. 

They lived together well, at least in the same house. He lived downstairs and she lived upstairs. 


She did the cooking, and the cleaning when she was home. As she worked private duty as a Nurse to new mothers. My aunt would be gone for weeks at a time. 


Uncle Jim paid all the bills , did the grocery shopping and did the yard work when she was gone. Then she did it all when she was home.


All of this constant upheaval in living arrangements allowed her to become very unhappy and then bitter toward the life she had chosen. That she had planned arranged and encouraged.


Sadly she chose financial security over love and happiness. She knowingly married someone she didn’t really love. Financial security was more important to her. A sad but, true statement.



Uncle Jim truly loved my Aunt till the day he died and always remarked it was never enough for Lonnie. Just never enough.


When Aunt Lonnie had to leave the assisted living in New Jersey I asked her to come live with me here in the State of Tennessee. She promptly said ” No I can’t live anywhere but New Jersey.”         ”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In How Not Live Your Life

”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In How Not Live Your Life
”Life’s Daily Inspiration” In How Not Live Your Life

In moving her she passed down to me a red set of coal oil lamps she had wired for electricity. They once belonged to my great-grandmother. They are well over 100 years old. And I proudly display in my home today.

Shown here.


So being left in charge of helping her, I found a VA run facility she was tickled pink. She said ”New Jersey” had the best facilities everybody knew that. 

Uh- huh, well that lasted about 2 days and then ”it was the worst facility and they didn’t know what they were doing.”


Typical Aunt Lonnie, nothing or no one ever measures up.  But, these were her choices, not mine. 

She could have moved down to my place although I think I might have had to take up drinking. Whew!


A short time later she took Pneumonia.

Hospice called and said,  she would barely eat and they stopped her salt because it was not good for her.

Having done Hospice care, I knew and my Aunt knew being a Nurse, it probably was not gonna make any difference at this time in her life, as she only had a matter of days left.


I quickly told the Nurse to give her salt back to her as she had always enjoyed HER salt.. It was not going to change the end result.


Three days later my Aunt Lonnie slipped away in the wee hours. Finally at peace with herself. 

This gave me joy for her. For a lifetime of sad choices for her were now over.

  Hope you’ve enjoyed our article please leave us a comment below or a memory from your past.